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10 Essential Cannabis Accessories for the Modern Stoner (2021)

Back in the days when I had to hide my weed from my parents, I imagined 2021 with flying cars, robot butlers, and vacations to mars. How time has disappointed. Unfortunately, reality looks a bit more like everyone suffering from technology addiction while willingly carrying around government trackers/advertising data mining devices. In most areas, the future would have disappointed my 14-year-old self, except for the innovations made in the marijuana smoking space.

There are a lot of things we should not be proud of as a civilization that have happened in the past 4 years or so, but the progress we have made in our laws regarding marijuana and the technology that has followed have been a reason for celebration. So, pat yourself on the back, then read about these essential cannabis accessories brought to you by the future.

#1 Banana Bros Electric Smart Grinder

An electric grinder using AI and aerospace milling plates to precisely grind up flower to the perfect consistency for smoking was probably enough to make the list. But the Banana Bros took this accessory to another level! Once your weed is perfectly grinded up, its funneled into a hand rolled GMO-free raw fiber cone all in one push of a button.

$184.99, available at Amazon

#2 Vegan, Gluten Free Chocolate Edibles Kit from The Marijuana Group

I had weed brownies as a kid, and I have a terrible story just like everyone else how I ate too many homemade edibles. I crashed my friend with benefits’ car into a curb on my way to class, after driving it one half block.

Thankfully this generation doesn’t have to go through what millennials had to, The Marijuana Group has made a fool-proof edibles kit complete with directions, THC extraction supplies, enough ingredients for eight chocolates, a cute cannabis leaf mold, and DOSING RECOMMENDATIONS!

$41.99, available at

#3 Nuggy 2  10-in-1 Multi-Tool

The ‘stoner’s swiss army knife.’ 10 tools, about a million uses to make any stoner’s life that much easier no matter what your preferred smoking method may be.

$45.83, available at Amazon

#4 A BASIX Starter Kit

Basix has compiled a kit for anyone looking to step up their pot smoking game. Perfect for a bachelorette or housewarming gift. The BASIX Starter kit has everything needed to reup the home smoking station or those new to the game. It includes two Rollrs, two rolling trays, one natural odor eliminator, four 1 ¼ tips, and rolling paper booklets, four king-sized pre-rolled cones, and two packs with four 1 ¼ pre-rolled cones and tips.  

Shop BASIX Starter Kit

#5 Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers

We LOVE these pink rolling papers by Blazy Susan. This company’s product design is incredible, paying homage to a 1950s Americana housewife. Their papers are just high-quality, vegan, non-GMO, pink rolling papers made in France. While they haven’t advanced joint paper technology, some things are better left alone. Busting out a bright pink perfectly rolled joint at the next function is sure to turn heads.

Blazy Susan also offers pink rolling tips, cones, a small grinder, and other smoking accessories. If you are looking to really run through some joints, they offer a 32-count box.

Available at

#6 Hemper Keeper 3-in-1 Storage

One area we haven’t figured out since marijuana legalization is the packaging from dispensaries. If you aren’t familiar with buying weed legally, dispensaries in Toronto and Canada in general are required by law for their product to leave in a labeled plastic container. They are usually bulky and impossible to fit in your pocket.

Hemper Keeper not only has a hilarious name, but they have solved this dilemma. While you still have to leave the dispensary with their annoying, ugly, plastic container, you can immediately toss it in the recycle bin and use their 3-in-1 storage bottle.

It holds stores about an eighth, there is a grinder built into the lid, and its smell proof. Problem solved. Thanks, Hemper Keeper!

$19.99, available at Amazon

#7 24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers

If you are looking to add some glam to your smoking routine, look no further! Two things have never gone out of style, smoking joints and 24 karat gold.

Smoking weed has never been so glamourous. This could be the most instagrammable accessory on the list. Celebrate life by smoking a 24-karat gold joint at your next birthday, anniversary or maybe because 2020 was a horrible year and it’s about time we enjoy ourselves.

The 2nd coolest thing about this product is that it leaves behind gold in the ashes. Shine Papers calls it the ‘gems.’ Sorry they can’t be pawned or melted down and made into a new necklace.

$13.99, available at

#8 Switch from Dr. Dabber

Dabbing is by far the most futuristic cannabinoid delivery method. Sorry vapes, but my best friend’s mom had a volcano vaporizer 20 years ago. The problem with doing dabs is the equipment…and looking like a crack head if you are still carrying around a butane blow torch.

Dr. Dabber has created the dab rig for the future. Their product not only has a built-in battery to heat the concentrate, but it can be transformed to a flower vaporizer as well. Hence the name SWITCH.

$399.95, available at

#9 Greengo Biodegradable Organic ECO Slim Filters

The future is green, in more ways than one. For the traditionalist who prefers to not plug anything in to enjoy the sweet cheeba, Greengo has a product for you. 100% Biodegradable filter tips for about $0.01 a piece.

This company is sold out on their website, but they are available on Amazon if you buy (5) 200 pack bags for $19. Mine are on the way.

$18.99, available at Amazon

#10  RAW Limited Edition Gold Poker/Cone Packer

Legendary cannabis company RAW has come with a limited-edition poker to complete your home smoking ensemble. It comes with the RAW logo engraved in gold and its own case. If you are a real smoker, you know a simple poker can solve just about all your problems. Why not get a luxurious looking poker from one of the most trusted companies in the game?

We may be in depressing times, but the future is looking promising, especially for pot heads. Buying any of these items puts you in danger of your stoner game going to the next level and becoming the envy of your friends. We may not be communicating telepathically or getting lit at brunch on Mars, but we are smoking weed like Martians, my 14-year-old self would approve.

$26, available at

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