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About CAFE

About Iamcafe

We’ve made it our goal to cultivate meaningful experiences with everyone who crosses our path. With you in mind, we’ve committed to a positive vision of the future – one that strengthens and nourishes those in our company and beyond.

Our company lives by the core principles of harm reduction, child safety, and education. It’s these pillars that drive each and every decision we make. Stemming from a vision of a future where the greatest possible good is achieved, we’ve made it our mission to create a properly informed public for the betterment of our community and generations to come.


We believe responsible living means doing better—not only personally, but locally as well. We strive to help build healthier communities and improve the lives of the people in them. Anchored in events and outreach, we take every opportunity available to give back to our community through local events and a series of diverse educational resources. We strive to engage, excite, and always encourage fun.

Corporate Responsibility

Education is at the forefront of everything that we do. Our intake procedures require that staff receive their mandatory certification from the AGCO’s CanSell course as well as we require staff to complete a two day comprehensive retail sales course as administered by the Canadian Cannabis Retailer’s Union in partnership with the North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology, a private career college certified by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. We hold educational forums for guest speakers and product knowledge sessions for staff and the public.


CAFE was built on the pioneering efforts of our partners, investors, and budtenders. Through a spirit of inclusivity and a drive to change the world for the better, it’s the people behind CAFE Toronto Dispensary that have shaped our company into the unique presence it is. Learn More

Community Cleanup in CityPlace, Toronto (2020)


At CAFE, we’ve made it our goal to cultivate meaningful experiences with everyone who crosses our path. Our culture is yours, too, and instilled in this mentality is a sense of shared responsibility for safety and education for all. Our culture extends beyond the brand and is in the hearts and minds of our team. Take a closer look.