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CAFE 104: Fall Community Cleanup

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Last week, CAFE staff at 104 Harbord St took on the task of cleaning up the local neighbourhood. Community cleanups are a regular thing for us at CAFE – we are proud of our city and our local neighbourhoods, and we believe in taking the steps to ensure we contribute to the community in positive ways. One of these is our through our seasonal cleanup efforts, whereby our staff and community volunteers come together on pre-assigned days to go out and clean up the neighbourhood.

104 cleanup fall 008
CAFE staff hit the streets for our fall community cleanup.
104 cleanup fall 011
Our staff cleaning up along Spadina Ave.

On the past warm and sunny Friday afternoon, while many other Torontonians headed out of town for cottage trips and long weekend getaways, CAFE staff gathered their supplies: garbage bags, pickers, gloves and a wagon to transport it all, and headed out. We began along Harbord St, and picked up lots of trash and litter from outside storefronts, alleyways and the sidewalk. We then turned along Spadina, making sure we hit the busy major street where lots of litter accumulates over time.

104 cleanup fall 015 1
Working along Spadina Ave.
104 cleanup fall 033 1
Cleaning up outside storefronts.
104 cleanup fall 028 1
104 cleanup fall 031 1
CAFE staff hard at work!
104 cleanup fall 040 1
CAFE staff cleaning up outside neighbouring businesses.

A huge thank you to all of our staff for their time and dedication! It is thanks to their hard work and effort that we are able to continue to do the work we do within our communities. We very much appreciate our staff, and the amazing things they bring forward, every single day.

104 cleanup fall 046 1
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