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5 questions you can bring to cannabis trivia

Educate your friends at the lunch table with these great trivia questions about cannabis, or be ready to win when these odd facts come up at your pub quiz night!

  1. Question: This country, beginning with ‘U’, is considered the first country in the world to have fully legalized cannabis. Canada is the second.


  1.    Question: Seafarers have long made sails out of this common hemp fabric— its name comes from the Latin for “cannabis.”

Answer: CANVAS

  1. Question: Bob Marley was buried with a Bible, a cannabis bud, and a red guitar made by this legendary manufacturer.

Answer: GIBSON

  1. Question: Easy one: Cannabis can be bought in shops in Amsterdam named for this beverage.

Answer: COFFEE

  1. Question: Researchers found traces of cannabis in pipes found in Shakespeare’s cottage in this English town.


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