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8 Creative Cannabis Holiday Gifts

If you’re thinking of buying any cannabis-themed gifts this Christmas, then here are eight of the most creative cannabis gifts available in 2020!

It’s getting closer to Christmas time, and we all need to start thinking about cannabis holiday gifts for our friends and loved ones. In the following article, we will take a closer look at some of the best cannabis-themed holiday gifts that are available. It doesn’t matter if your budget is tight or you have money to spare. There’s sure to be a cannabis gift on this list that’s perfect for you or your friend.

1. Kush Kraft Pre-Roll Christmas Card


Are you looking for the perfect way to tell someone that you care about them this holiday? Then the Kush Kraft Pre-Roll Christmas Cards are just what you’ve been looking for! Nothing says that you care about someone more than a premium pre-roll in a card. Tell someone that loves cannabis that you’re thinking about them these holidays.

2. Euphoria Extractions – Mint Dark Chocolate Shatter Bars

$23-$38 SHOP NOW

These decadent and delicious chocolate mint dark chocolate shatters bars will absolutely melt in your mouth and leave you wanting just one more bite. They’re available in both indica or sativa strains, and you can choose between either 250mg or 500mg dosages. Nothing says happy holidays like a smooth and creamy dark chocolate shatter bar!

3. Euphoria Extractions – Pumpkin Spice Shatter Bars

$15-25 SHOP NOW

If you love shatter bars and enjoy a festive pumpkin spice flavored edible, you’re absolutely going to love this delicious holiday treat! These pumpkin spice flavored shatter bars by Euphoria Extractions are available in both 250mg and 500mg strengths, and you can choose between either an indica dominant or sativa dominant strain.

4. Wesley Tea Infused CBD & THC Teas

$5-$40 SHOP NOW

Do you enjoy relaxing with a cup of THC or CBD infused tea at the end of a stressful day, or do you know someone that does? Then Wesley Tea has the perfect gift for you! These teas are hand-blended by experts and infused with high-quality CBD and THC to create the perfect way to relax and let the stress of the day just wash away.

5. Big Sticky 3.5g of Premium Flower Painted with Hash Oil


The perfect way to celebrate with a group of friends these holidays! After all, sharing is caring! The Big Sticky is 3.5g of premium cannabis flower that has been painted with high-quality hash oil. This delicious combination of cannabis flowers and hash is the perfect way to show someone that you care about these holidays. If you only get one holiday gift this year, you’ll probably be hoping it’s this one.

6. Gold Shine Papers


Do you know someone that loves to roll their own joints? Then the perfect holiday gift for them is none other than these premium Gold Shine rolling papers. When you’re smoking a premium flower, you need a premium rolling paper to go along with it. Nothing will make a better gift for the old school smoking enthusiast in your life than these premium Gold Shine rolling papers.

7. For a Dabber – Sugar Wax


Now, we all know someone that enjoys their cannabis concentrates and is all about that dabbing lifestyle. If you know someone like that, then this excellent Sugar Wax is the perfect holiday gift for them. One of the benefits of sugar wax over other concentrates is that you can achieve a much higher potency level. It’s perfect for any serious cannabis connoisseur these holidays.

8. CBD Immunity Capsules with Vitamin C by HerbAngels

$15-$66 SHOP NOW

If you know someone that enjoys CBD and could do with a little extra immunity in their life, then Herb Angels CBD Immunity Capsules with Vitamin C will make the ultimate cannabis holiday gift for 2020.  Each capsule contains a power shot of premium CBD with Vitamin C, perfect to help reduce inflammation as well as to prepare for the upcoming flu season.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Creative Cannabis Holiday Gifts Conclusion

There you have it! Eight of the best and most affordable cannabis holiday gifts of 2020. It hasn’t been the best year, but you could definitely put a smile on someone special’s face with any one of these cannabis-themed gifts. While you’re at it, why not grab one for yourself too? You won’t regret it!

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