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The Best Sativa Strains Right Now

haze wreck

The world of weed can be highly complex, especially to those that are just beginning to learn more about cannabis. There are hundreds of strains, with buds varying greatly by appearance, smell, aroma, flavour and terpene profiles. Some types of marijuana can deliver a more intense high than others, and so for those that partake, it is best to have an understanding of the different types of cannabis strains. Knowing what kind of weed is best for daytime activities vs. trying to fall asleep, for example, will help someone choose strains wisely – and help them avoid falling into a weed-fueled state of couch-lock!

The first thing anyone needs to know is that cannabis strains fall under three main categories – Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. There is also a fourth category of CBD dominant cannabis – however, most recreational cannabis lovers tend to stick to the big three. Since we’re on the subject of wanting to avoid a drowsy state of couch-lock, this article will focus on some of the best sativa strains currently on shelf at CAFÉ.

Sativa weed strains are truly fun, delightful and usually bring on the giggles. They tend to be lighter in terms of the high experienced, and are an excellent choice for those wanting to enjoy cannabis during the daytime. Sativas can be puffed on throughout the day, for a light buzz and an elevated mood – and they typically won’t knock you out the way an indica might. Many people choose sativa strains if they’re hoping to be productive, or want to inspire the artistic process or other forms of creativity.

So, what exactly is a sativa? Cannabis sativa is a species of the Cannabaceae family, and sativa strains are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress, and increase creativity and focus. However, strains may still vary greatly, and no two sativa strains are exactly alike. Factors such as THC content and terpene profiles can impact the way a particular strain hits, and the effects that result. However, it is safe to say that sativa weed strains are generally much more suitable for daytime use, as they tend to have a mentally stimulating effect, and do not usually leave one feeling too tired or knocked out.

At CAFE, we pride ourselves on carrying some of the best cannabis strains not only in Toronto, but Canada-wide. Our fast and convenient mail-order service ships your weed discreetly and safely within just a couple of business days once your order is placed. For those in the city, we also offer same-day delivery service, and pre-ordering online for in-store pickup. We are thrilled to carry a fantastic lineup of some of the best cannabis sativa strains, sourced from local growers that are passionate about their craft, and consistently deliver the absolute best quality buds. Read on to find out which sativa strains are currently dominating the shelves over here at CAFE!



Tangie is a classic sativa favourite. It is a cross of either California Orange with a Skunk hybrid, or Tangerine Dream with a Skunk hybrid. These buds have a rich, flavourful orangey taste and aroma, so if you’re a citrus fan you’re certainly in luck. Tangie is known for an uplifting, euphoric high that has a light feel – however if you consume too much of it, you may find yourself in a daze. These buds also produce other cerebral effects, such as increased focus, greater creativity and a boost in energy.

Tangie is so popular that we strive to keep it on shelf regularly Check out our current selection HERE.


org animal face

These dense, mossy green flowers are a rare find, so if you do stumble across them – make sure you pick some up! This hard-to-find sativa strain is a mix of Animal Mints and Face Off OG, and boasts anywhere from 18-26% THC. The high can be intense, with strong feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Aside from the head high, users also report a super relaxed, tingly feeling from head to toe. We recommend smoking or vaping Animal Face after you’ve run through at least half of your to-do list!

These powerful buds can be excellent for conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain, arthritis, and muscle spasms or cramps. They have a sweet, nutty and sugary taste, and are an incredibly smooth and flavourful smoke. Here at CAFE we carry an Animal Face that has been grown in live organic soil – check it out!


lemon haze

Lemon Haze is another citrusy sativa strain that will leave you feeling energized. These yellow and green buds have a refreshingly strong lemon aroma, and even taste like fresh lemon. It is a child of Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze, and packs a powerful punch. The buds are densely packed, yet can appear to be ragged and fluffy at times. They are covered in amber orange trichomes, which account for their yellow tint and high psychoactivity. A Lemon Haze high typically leaves one feeling calm, energized and uplifted. This is a great sativa strain to choose when socializing, as it lets you float through social situations with ease and in a state of fun and relaxation. It is also ideal for situations that call for a boost in productivity, such as cleaning the house or getting other errands done. Too much of Lemon Haze can definitely send you into a state of couch-lock, as the body high starts to have you wanting to melt into the couch. We recommend Lemon Haze as a late afternoon treat! Check it out here!


haze wreck

Haze Wreck is a pure sativa strain that is a cross of Trainwreck x Haze. With an average of 22% THC, these buds are better suited to more experienced users because they deliver a powerful high. Haze Wreck flowers are tight, dense and dark in colour, with purple and orange hairs and trichomes that make them truly beautiful to look at. The flavour and aroma are both fruity, with hints of sweet pine. Haze Wreck is known for its cerebral high, and mentally stimulating effects. You will love this smoke for a boost in energy, focus and productivity. Haze Wreck can also help those struggling with chronic physical pain, stress and depression, and can help alleviate some of the symptoms of these conditions. However, Haze Wreck, like all sativas, should be consumed carefully and in moderation, in order to avoid feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

Start your day with Haze Wreck from our online shop and see how good it gets!


cherry ak 47

Cherry AK-47 is a phenotype of AK-47, and is known for its cherry flavour and smell. Despite the name, these little buds area bright lime green, with accent colours of red, brown and gold. Cherry AK-47 is known to be potent, and the high is said to unlimited – you can keep smoking or vaping this sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and keep getting higher and higher. We definitely advise not having a lot of important tasks ahead, when getting into Cherry AK-47! However, light or moderate amounts of these sweet buds will help improve your ability to focus. So it’s just a matter of determining exactly how much is right for you, depending on what your day involves.

We think you’ll love the sweet fruity high of Cherry AJ-47. Look for it here!


rootbeer kush

Root Beer Kush is a rare sativa strain, originating in BC from unknown genetics. These beautiful buds are a cool shade of icy green, with bright orange pistils all over. The THC content is estimated at between 15-23%, and the high is typical of sativas – more of a mind high with uplifting effects for the user. These buds smell like root beer, but have a different, more fruity taste with a hint of vanilla. The smoke is sweet, flavourful and smooth. Root Beer Kush will allow you to get through daily tasks, making it a good daytime choice. Due to its mood enhancing effects, users may also feel more energized and sociable. This strain is also excellent for anyone experiencing stress or depression, headaches or muscle cramps.

Root Beer Kush is extremely hard to find – but we’ve got on shelf! Check it out HERE!

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