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Abusive OG Strain


THC range
13 - 18 %
CBD range
5 %
Focus, happy, sleepy, euphoria, cerebral
Lemon, sweet, pine, spicy, tea, herbal
Skunky, lemon, earthy
May Relieve
Arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, appetite, mental health, insomnia, headaches
Myrcene, limonene


A descendant of the infamous OG Kush, Abusive OG is a Californian grown cannabis strain that boasts a balanced THC level of between 13% – 18% and, as a bonus, a CBD level of between 2-5%. Don’t let the low levels of THC fool you, though; Abusive OG will pack a potent high. 

Most Abusive OG smokers have described the high from this cannabis strain as an immediate euphoric high, followed by a healthy dose of motivation and focus. The euphoric high is also accompanied by a relaxing body high that slowly washes over you and leaves you completely relaxed. 

What’s unusual about Abusive OG is that you’ll get the typical indica body high, but you’ll also experience some of that energetic and creative sativa energy and focus. It’s a great strain for anyone that doesn’t like a pure indica or pure sativa style high. 

The buds from Abusive OG have a delicious, spicy, and earthy aroma combined with a tasty citrus lemon flavor with subtle hints of green tea and skunk.

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