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Banana Sherbert Strain


THC range
20 - 23 %
CBD range
Energetic, creative, uplifting, sociable
Sweet, sour, fruity, citrus
Earthy, sour, sweet, fruity
May Relieve
Fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain


Banana Sherbet is a well-balanced sativa indica cannabis strain that was created by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Banana Kush. If you love sweet and delicious fruit flavors, then you’re going to fall in love with Banana Sherbet. Banana Sherbet comes in strong with a high THC level between 20% – 23%. 

The high from Banana Sherbet will come on strong and fast, so clear your schedule before settling in for a session of this sweet and fruity cannabis strain. Banana Sherbet has been described by users as a social and euphoric high, perfect for socializing with friends or relaxing alone in front of the television. 

Banana Sherbet has a sweet and fruity flavor that’s perfect for the sweet tooth. You’ll get to experience just the right amount of banana flavor combined with a creamy and smooth exhale that boasts hints of sweet and sour.

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