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Cactus Breath Strain


THC range
17- 21%
CBD range
1 %
Hungry, body high, calming, euphoric
Spicy, sour, herbal, skunky
Spicy, earthy, pungent, skunky, herbal
May Relieve
Depression, anxiety, stress, migraines, chronic pain


Cactus Breath is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with equal amounts of both indica and sativa characteristics. Cactus Breath was created by crossing two extremely popular strains, Cactus and Mendo Breath, to develop a potent and pleasurable cannabis strain. 

Thanks to the 17-21% THC, Cactus Breath packs a decent punch, and you’re going to feel super relaxed as the initial high starts in your head and quickly washes over the rest of your body. You’ll feel extremely relaxed from the first moment that you smoke Cactus Breath. Your mind will experience a sense of deep calm, while the rest of your body will feel like all stress and anxiety are being washed away. 

Cactus Breath has that regular skunky and sour aroma that’s heavily loaded up with pungent and earthy tastes and smells. The flavor of Cactus Breath is spicy but also has subtle hints of herb and sour that are pleasant on both the inhale and exhale. 

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