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Candyland Strain


THC range
18 - 24 %
CBD range
Energizing, happy, uplifting, relaxing, creative
Candy, berry, sweet, vanilla, honey, fruity
Pine, herbal, earthy
May Relieve
Insomnia, migraines, PTSD, stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain


Candyland is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that was created by breeding Platinum Cookies with Granddaddy Purps. It has a high THC content ranging anywhere from 18% – 24% THC with 1% CBD. While it’s great in small doses for beginners, the high THC content of Candyland makes it perfect for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. 

The dominant sativa genes of Candyland make it an uplifting and energizing strain of cannabis which is great for people looking to get creative when they get high. One of the most talked-about effects of smoking Candyland is a euphoric and uplifting high that leaves you happy and stress-free with just the right amount of energy to accomplish your goals. 

The sweet flavor and delicious aroma of Candyland are combined with a subtle yet still noticeable earthy and spicy undertone. If you love sweet cannabis strains, you’re going to fall in love with Candyland.

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