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Cookies N Cream Strain


THC range
22 - 26%
CBD range
Uplifting, euphoric, happy, relaxing
vanilla, sweet, nutty
vanilla, sweet, earthy
May Relieve
Insomnia, depression, stress, chronic pain


Cookies N Cream is a well-balanced hybrid strain that has characteristics of both its sativa and indica genetics. This potent cannabis strain was created by cross-breeding two immensely popular cannabis strains, Cookies, and Starfighter. Be warned, beginners should take it very slowly with this potent cannabis strain, but experienced cannabis enthusiasts will love it. 

The high THC content of Cookies N Cream means that you could be in for a wild ride if you’re new to cannabis and overindulge. The initial high will begin in your head but quickly spread to the rest of your body, leaving you feeling like you’re wrapped in a big fluffy blanket. 

Named after the cookie, Cookies N Cream has a flavor that you’re going to fall in love with that combines both sweet, nutty, and vanilla. You’ll experience all those flavor profiles through both the inhale and exhale.

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