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MAC Stomper Strain


THC range
18 %
CBD range
Euphoric, happy, uplifting, creative
Fruity, grape, berry, sweet
Grape, berry, fruit
May Relieve
Stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression


Mac Stomper is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain whose genetics aren’t exactly clear, but one of the parent strains is most definitely Sour Grapes. This cannabis strain has effects from both sativa and indica parents, which delivers a well-balanced high that users love. 

The immediate head high of Mac Stomper can be quite overwhelming, but it will quickly spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you feeling relaxed with a deep sense of calm and wellbeing. Mac Stomper is a great cannabis strain if you enjoy well-balanced sativa and indica effects when you smoke. 

The flavor of Mac Stomper is definitely grape dominant, but it also has some more subtle hints of berry, and fruit which you will love if you enjoy fruity cannabis strains. Mac Stomper’s fruity flavor flows solidly into the aroma with strong notes of grape, berry, and fruit, which are sure to excite your senses.

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