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Palpatine OG Strain


THC range
20 %
CBD range
0.5 %
Energizing, focus, uplifting, cerebral
Herbal, spicy, sour, diesel
Diesel, earthy, dank, pungent, spicy
May Relieve
Stress, anxiety, migraines, headaches


Palpatine is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing the infamous Grandpa’s Breath with Deathstar, giving it the Star Wars-inspired name. Sometimes known as Palpatine OG, Palpatine is definitely ready to blow your mind. 

The high from Palpatine will be a blood rushing race to your head that will leave you feeling as if you’re soaring and completely at one with the universe. You’ll get a boost of energy and creativity, followed by a relaxing high that won’t leave you couch-locked. 

Palpatine isn’t for the faint of heart with its dank and pungent flavor and aroma that’s characterized by diesel and spice. The aroma isn’t much different, with strong notes of spice, skunk, earth, and diesel filling your senses. The potent aroma can be quite overwhelming the first time.

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