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Tom Ford Pink Kush Strain


THC range
23 - 25 %
CBD range
Euphoria, relaxing, sleepy, happy
Citrus, sweet, sour, woody
Sweet, sour, herbal, earthy
May Relieve
Anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression, insomnia


Tom Ford Pink Kush, also known as TFPK, is an indica dominant hybrid strain that’s well-known throughout the cannabis world for delivering a fantastic smoking experience. The small, round, and dense green buds of Tom Ford Pink Kush make for a fantastic smoke day or night. 

The high from Tom Ford Pink Kush will immediately rush to your head, then quickly evolve into a full-body high that washes over you. If you have many things to get done, then avoid smoking Tom Ford Pink Kush because the only thing you’ll want to do after is relax in a comfortable pair of sweatpants in front of the television. Any negative thoughts will be immediately washed away! 

The flavor and aroma of Tom Ford Pink Kush are sweet and sour, with just the right amounts of herbal, earthy, and dankness that any true enthusiasts will love.

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