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Wagyu Strain


THC range
CBD range
body high, cerebral, energizing, euphoria, happy, uplifting
chemical, chocolate, coffee, diesel, pine, sweet
chemical, chocolate, coffee, diesel, sour, sweet


If you love pure indica strains of cannabis, then you’re going to love the exceedingly rare and extremely limited Wagyu strain of cannabis. Despite the fact that it’s scarce, Wagyu is a 100% pure indica strain of cannabis that delivers that indica full-body high that many people are looking for in dispensaries in Toronto

The full-body high of Wagyu will hit your life a wave and roll over you, starting from your head and then settling on the rest of your body. As the full-body high settles in on you like a weighted blanket, you need to be sure that you’re sitting or lying somewhere comfortable! 

The high from Wagyu will leave you slack-jawed and couch-locked, and you won’t be confused about what type of cannabis you’re smoking when you fire this up. If you have a big day or evening of activity planned, then it’s advised that you don’t smoke Wagyu before you start! Many people that suffer from mental health conditions such as stress or anxiety or trouble sleeping have found that Wagyu is a great starting point. 

Dominant Terpenes

Wagyu a variety of dominant terpenes, but two of the most abundant terpenes are: 

  • Limonene: Limonene is used by aromatherapists enthusiasts around the world to get energized and motivated.
  • Linalool: Linalool is a sweet-smelling lavender terpene that gives you the fruit aroma, and linalool is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

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