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The Best Spot for Cannabis Infused Coffee in Toronto

CAFE may stand for Cannabis and Fine Edibles, but we are also very passionate about coffee! Each of our four downtown dispensary locations features a cozy cafe with a full barista counter, serving up hot and cold beverages, along with snack selections that are unique to each location.

Our cafes offer a cozy environment for our patrons to enjoy their favourite beverage or catch up with friends on our outdoor patios during good weather. Many regular patrons come in to visit our friendly baristas and budtenders, with whom they have developed connections with, and turn to for advice on anything cannabis related.

Each CAFE location features a cozy cafe serving up barista favourites for our patrons.

At CAFE, we serve people with a wide range of needs. Many people visit CAFE for access to our high quality cannabis dried flower, as well as our unbeatable selection of cannabis infused edibles. While many like to use cannabis recreationally, we are aware that many of our patrons also use cannabis to treat health conditions, manage pain and provide relief from a variety of symptoms. It is noteworthy that cannabis edible products tend to be beneficial for such individuals – in particular – cannabis infusions.

A CAFE barista infuses a coffee witha Wesley Tea Sativa blend.

We offer a range of THC, CBD and 1:1 blends of cannabis infusions that make the process easy for anyone – simply drop the desired amount into your food or beverage, and that’s it. We also offer infusions at our barista counter, meaning that any drink or even food item can be infused with cannabis very quickly and easily. Depending on your tolerance, our experienced baristas will prepare your beverage and infuse it to your liking. We recommend starting slow and light for those not used to cannabis infusions – edible products do tend to have a stronger impact on the body and mind. Edible cannabis may hit faster and harder than buds that are smoked, so it is always best to exercise caution and be responsible.

CAFE drinks are made with love!

At CAFE, we offer a few different kinds of infused coffee and beverages. If you’re looking to simply add a few drops of THC or CBD without changing the taste and flavour profile of the drink you’ve ordered, we recommend sticking with any one of our Wesley Tea infusions, or our Herb Angels line of THC and CBD wellness infusions. These are a great way to amplify your experience without changing the taste of your drink.

Toasted Smores Mocha, available with or without cannabis infusion.

For those wanting to try something a little different, we can also create unique infused drinks using some of our delectable cannabis infused chocolates! Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars and Bombs are often a great choice for those wanting a coffee based drink with chocolate flavouring, such as a mocha or frappuccino, or even a caffeine-free hot chocolate.

We use premium cannabis-infused Belgian chocolate to make our infused drinks!

Have questions? We are more than happy to help answer them. Our CAFE baristas and budtenders are highly experienced with cannabis, and are more than capable of helping our patrons make safe, responsible choices when it comes to cannabis use. We aim to help all people access high quality cannabis and at the same time, provide them with as much guidance and information as possible so that they may reap the benefits without getting too high or greening out.

Stop in at any one of our store locations and find out more about our infused drink offerings!

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