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CAFE Cleans Up! A Huge Community Effort From Our Staff Last Weekend

Here at CAFE, we believe in community. Aside from our work with cannabis, we regularly initiate, and enthusiastically participate in ongoing efforts to better our community through things like neighbourhood cleanup events, among many others. Last weekend, staff at two of our dispensary locations – 1321 St. Clair and 104 Harbord St – took to the streets armed with cleaning supplies, in an effort to improve the appearance, cleanliness and safety of the spaces around us.

CAFE initiates community cleanup efforts every spring, summer and fall. As it goes with life in a busy city like Toronto, it is not uncommon to find litter and trash collecting on streets, in alleyways and little corners here and there. Our amazing staff did an incredible job tackling all this unsightly litter during our cleanup efforts last weekend. We had a huge number of staff volunteers, many of whom came in on their day off in order to participate in these cleanups. We are extremely grateful for their time and efforts.

CAFE staff clean up around St. Clair West neighbourhood.

As you may know, these cleanups were long overdue – having been postponed a few times due to inclement weather. We were glad that last weekend was so sunny, bright and warm – we were able to leave our jackets at home and take in some sunshine! Our staff were all outfitted in CAFE cleanup tees and coordinated CAFE outfits, to symbolize our unity as a group and the power of collective effort.

All smiles from the CAFE team during our cleanup!

Our team at 1321 St. Clair W started their route in front of the store, and then made their way up along St. Clair, the surrounding side streets and alleys and even crossed over to clean up the other side. We even had a very young volunteer, who was so excited to be part of this incredible effort!

Cleaning up across the street from CAFE.

As we cleaned, many neighbours along the street opened their doors to see what our team was up to. Many expressed thanks for cleaning up the neighbourhood, and it was evident that they did indeed appreciate the hard work and efforts of our staff. Our CAFE team definitely deserved to hear the kind words of their neighbours, and the positive sentiments kept them going!

CAFE staff cleaning up the neighbourhood!

CAFE 1321 team in action!

Thank you to our wonderful team!

The following day, cleanup efforts continued at our 104 Harbord St location. Another sunny, beautiful and warm day allowed for our staff to rock their coordinated outfits, clean up the streets and enjoy a little sunshine!

104 Harbord team cleaning up streets and lane ways.

Harbord Village is a small community, home to a diverse mix of small businesses, homeowners and university students. Our CAFE 104 team is a valued part of this community, and prides itself on the efforts of its staff in maintaining the peace, safety and beauty of this little Toronto neighbourhood.

104 Harbord team cleaning up along Spadina Avenue.

We find all kinds of things during our cleanups!

CAFE staff filled bag after bag of debris, ensuring the streets and alleys in the area were thoroughly clean.

A huge turnout at CAFE 104!

We are so, so grateful for the tireless efforts and 100% enthusiasm from our staff during these cleanup events. Thank you all so much! We know our communities greatly appreciate the work as well. Our next cleanup effort takes place in Cityplace on. May 6 – stay tuned to see updates from that one!

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