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Product Intake & Quality Control

Product Intake & Quality Control

Product intake in a cannabis retail setting is the practice of introducing products and strains, whether pre-packaged or in bulk dry flower form, to a cannabis retail location, for the purposes of product resale and distribution.

Quality Control & CAFE Cannabis

Quality control in a retail cannabis setting is a commitment to providing a safe and reliable product to all patrons of the retail cannabis store. Products under quality control are to be handled professionally by all staff responsible for the management and distribution of such products and is expected to be monitored and tracked by retailers at the management and stakeholder level at all times using accurate and up-to-date reporting procedures.

Our Commitment to Quality Control

Quality control upholds the integrity of products and retail procedures. Reasons for quality control management within a retail cannabis store in Toronto include:

• Consideration of perishable goods:

▪ A number of cannabis-based products are perishable. A retail environment committed to quality control will have strict measures in place to ensure the freshness and viability of the product they offer.

• Consideration of secure consumer packaged goods (CPGs):

▪ All products distributed by a cannabis retailer are to be screened for secure packaging prior to being stocked by a retail cannabis provider. Opaque and air-tight packaging protects against the degradation of the active compounds found in many cannabis products.

• Controlled temperature and humidity levels that will extend the life of many cannabis-based products.Measures are to be taken to provide the following within a cannabis retail store:

▪ Refrigeration for products requiring cooler temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius or lower;

▪ Effective air-conditioned premises where all dry cannabis goods are stored;

▪ Reduced humidity and clean airflow where all dry cannabis good are stored.

• Employee trained in the particular properties of accessories and devices like vaporizers, pipes, grinders,and bongs will ensure that consumers buy and adopt the right product for them, minimizing returns and complaints. 

Product categories tracked for quality control

In a retail cannabis environment, cannabis products will fall into one of the following product categories:

a. Cannabis Paraphernalia

These are devices and accessories used by patrons of the retail store to consume purchased or home-grown cannabis products. Cannabis paraphernalia includes:

• Pipes

• Water-pipes (or bongs)

• Rolling papers

• Grinders

• Vaporizing devices and accessories

To properly implement quality control when assessing cannabis paraphernalia distributed by a cannabis retailer, purveyors of quality control will review the following questions and successfully put organizational measurements in place to track each element discussed:

• What cannabis paraphernalia does the retail store stock?

✓ Provide a detailed list of all cannabis paraphernalia categories and sub-categories.

• Are we well-stocked in accessories, cartridges, and extracts for the devices we carry?

✓ Maintain ongoing tracking of all cannabis paraphernalia products with SKU numbers, pricing, and in-store stock.

• Do we have a wide selection of products from reputable vendors?

✓ Provide a detailed list of all reputable vendors.

• Do we have an exchange/return policy in place for items in this category?

✓ Make provisions for accurate in-store exchange/return policies for all cannabis paraphernalia products, considering measurements for health and safety with regard to the use of these products.

• Have daily inventory accounts of this product category been recorded?

✓ Maintain ongoing POS tracking of all cannabis paraphernalia products with SKU numbers, pricing, and in-store stock.

• Are our budtenders and floor staff sufficiently educated about the products we offer?

✓ Vaping devices and accessories require a high level of product knowledge when selling to potential consumers.

b. Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods include:

• Pre-packaged quantities of dry-flower cannabis in containers shipped from the supplier;

• Pre-rolled joints in sealed packaging shipped from the supplier;

• Packaged cannabis extracts such as wax, oils, shatter,and pre-filled cartridges for vaping devices;

• Edible products infused with cannabis extracts;

• Cannabis-based topical health and beauty products intended for external use.

In this category, questions regarding quality control factors include:

• Is all stock secured in locked containers in a dry and cool environment?

✓ Make provisions for proper storage facilities, including refrigeration with accurate temperature control.

• Are daily inventory accounts of this category being recorded?

✓ Maintain ongoing POS tracking of all cannabis paraphernalia products with SKU numbers, pricing, and in-store stock.

• Which products in this category are perishable? 

✓ Maintain rule of first in, first out (FIFO) when stocking all perishable items (i.e. cannabis edibles containing dairy). Provide detailed list of items’ expiry dates on all product tracking.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our Product Intake and Quality Control protocols, visit our contact page to get in touch.

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