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How to Use Vape Cartridges

Cannabis smokers who aren’t interested in breaking up weed and loading it into a pipe or rolling a joint have found the perfect solution: vape pens. These discreet, 21st-century smoking devices are both convenient and efficient. Newbies to the world of vape pens will be surprised at how many varieties are available. The choices in strains aren’t as abundant as traditional flower, but it’s getting close. You can easily find your favorite strain in vape form, scientifically extracted with all the cannabinoids and terpenes that make the experience unique.

Why Vape?

Convenience is the number one advantage of vape pens. Carry it around in your pocket, purse, backpack making your favorite extra-curricular activity that much better. Have you ever tried rolling a joint on a golf course or a popular hiking trail? It’s not ideal. We aren’t huge fans of announcing to strangers that we are about to get stoned. Carrying a vape pen in your golf bag or fanny pack is the perfect solution.

Vaping is also an extremely efficient delivery process relative to other cannabis administration methods. Our lungs absorb THC into the bloodstream delivering an instantaneous euphoric high. Taking edibles means that cannabis has to be processed by the digestive system, taking hours for effects to kick in and much of the active ingredients to be wasted.

How to Use a Vape Cartridge – 3 step guide

1. Do some research

Find a reliable Toronto dispensary, or cannabis company dedicated to transparency. If you don’t see all the ingredients and have access to potency tests, steer clear. This usually means they have something to hide.  Most vape cartridges are free from harmful additives and heavy metals but make sure before you buy.

You are looking for a pure cannabis extract. If you are in the market for CBD cartridges, we recommend full or broad-spectrum. These products will contain other cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver a superior experience.

2. Connect the cartridge to the fully charged battery

Find the thread on your vape cartridge and battery, then connect by screwing one into the other. Usually, the vape cartridge fits into the battery. Once the two pieces are securely connected, your futuristic cannabis device is ready to ignite.

3. Delivery

Some vape pens require users to turn the battery on by pressing the button a few times, most are ready to go. Hold down the button, a light should turn on, inhale, and enjoy.

Each battery will deliver a different ‘hit.’ When using a vape pen for the first time, it’s wise to start slow to get a feeling for the device.

Vape Pen – Discreet, Efficient, Smooth

Vaping cannabis is a great administration method. It delivers a high bioavailability without much work. Vape pens can be discreetly consumed and concealed to accompany your favorite hobby.

We know you will figure out how to work the device, the most important thing to remember is to do some research before making a purchase. Especially if you are buying CBD cartridges online, there are lots of vapes on the market that aren’t being tested and contain harmful additives. Know before you buy it!

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