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Introducing.. Our Jeffery Blunt!

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We are beyond excited about the newest product to hit our shelves – the Jeffery Blunt by Pineapple Express Meds (PEM). The Jeffrey Joint is well known, notorious for the wild combination of many, many substances that are used to lace a cannabis joint. The Jeffery Joint was featured in the movie Get Him to the Greek – if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what the story is!

Here at CAFE, we prefer to keep things clean and green. Our version of this infamous joint is the Jeffery Blunt, beautifully crafted by the folks over at PEM. This bad boy is loaded with copious amounts of good ol’ THC – in a few different forms! Read on to find out what makes our Jeffery so special.

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The Jeffery Blunt by PEM.

Our Jeffery Blunt is made with premium Pink Kush indica flowers, and rolled in a blunt wrap before the rest of the magic happens. PEM outdid themselves with this one, really opting for as clean a smoking experience as possible – the blunt wrap itself is made with green tea leaves, meaning that it is tobacco-free.

jeffery 001

This beautiful blunt comes in a sturdy carrying case which keeps it safe and dry. We love these cases for the convenience factor – no more letting your cannabis joints jostle around in your pockets or bag! After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your experience with Jeffery, you can continue using the case for future joints and blunts.

jeffery 006
The Jeffery Blunt with its carrying case.

The Jeffery Blunt features lots and lots of our favourite thing – THC! Indeed, this blunt features THC in multiple forms, resulting in a super potent smoking experience for the lucky individual holding it in hand. The Jeffery features a generous amount of terpene sauce, which on its own amps up the high potential drastically. Terpene sauce is a highly concentrated form of THC, rich in terpenes which are essentially the aromatic oils that give cannabis strains their scent. The terp sauce used by PEM is also extracted from Pink Kush buds for consistency. Terpenes contribute to aromas, flavour profile and can also influence the overall effect of their specific strains.

jeffery 005

The potency of the Jeffery Blunt is also amplified by the thick coat of kief that covers every bit of its smokable surface. Kief is much-loved amongst cannabis smokers – the fine, dusty powder is known to make any joint much more potent. Kief refers to trichomes that have fallen off of cannabis buds, in the the form of golden brown powdery substance. Many weed grinders feature a fourth chamber at the bottom that serves as the kief collection tray – over time, the continued grinding of flowers will mean that a nice little pile of kief is building up in that bottom chamber. Every once in a while, you might open it up and be quite surprised with how much kief has collected there! Cannabis smokers love to sprinkle this kief into new joints, or on top of bowls for extra potency.

The Jeffery Blunt is rolled in a thick coating of kief, taking its potency through the roof.

jeffery 008
Ready to spark up!

Aside from its smoking characteristics, this joint is simply stunning! We were throughly impressed with the roll quality, the materials used, and of course – the intensely potent smoke. We are super excited to have the Jeffery Blunt on our shelves – find it at any one of our four downtown CAFE locations in Toronto, or order it for same-day delivery or in-store pickup. Not in Toronto? We’re happy to mail you your own Jeffery – simply place a mail-order and keep an eye on that mailbox!

Check out our Jeffery Blunt in our online shop HERE!

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