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The benefits of using vaporizers for Cannabis

Also referred to as vaping, using a vaporizer to smoke cannabis is a preferred alternative whether you’re using cannabis recreationally or medicinally. Vaporization is the conversion of solid or liquid cannabis matter—typically cannabis oil—into a gas through heat application. Surprisingly, recent studies show that cannabis vaporizers are a less harmful option when compared to traditional smoking. More and more users are choosing this cleaner, safer alternative to the typical hit off a bong or joint.

Beyond smoking to get high, feel better, or relax, here are three reasons to pick up a vape pen next time you stop by your local cannabis retailer or in any dispensary in toronto.

They’re better for your lungs

Vaporizers produce a clean and pure gas, which is why they’re recommended by doctors as one of the safest methods on the market for consuming cannabis. With vaporizers, you can forget about the worry of toxins, irritants, and carcinogens commonly found in other smoking devices.

They are cost-effective

Vaporizers are a more efficient, cost-effective method of using cannabis. Since oils are often more concentrated than other forms of cannabis, you don’t have to use as much when smoking. In addition, up to 46% of THC is converted when using a vapor, almost double the THC available when smoking dry forms of cannabis.

They’re discreet

Vaporizers are more discreet than other forms of smoking—their odour is practically non-existent and the vapor produced dissipates faster than smoke from a joint or bong. Unlike traditional smoking methods, vapors are designed to be pocket-friendly, making them easy to use and transport.

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