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Cannabis journaling 101

Your journey with cannabis may be long, rooted in a history of ups and downs, bad strains and good ones. Alternatively, you might just be starting out and learning how different varieties of cannabis can enhance your mood or physical well-being during or after your smoke sesh.

Each time, you’re looking for the same amazing experience you know is possible when using cannabis. But how do you consistently achieve that sensation, the one that makes you feel so good inside?

This is where cannabis journaling comes in. The practise of actively tracking your chosen strains, species, and forms of consumption can make a difference to your future experiences. While testing new strains is recommended to keep your journal content fresh, it will act as a personal guide that can help track your emotional and physical responses to each product. Then, you can decide which strain or variable is best to add to the mix the next time you smoke.

Here are a list of items you’ll want to track when journaling your cannabis use:

  • Product information: Detail the strain, strength, and brand.
  • Why you were smoking: e. pain relief, relaxation, increased activity, etc.
  • Species: Indica, Sativa, hybrid, CBD, or any details on which species is more predominant.
  • Sensation: Mind, body, or a combination.
  • Strength: Percentage THC, CBD, or other.
  • Dosage: A 1mg drop of a tincture, a square of chocolate from a 500mg bar, a joint, etc.
  • Terpene: Flavour, aroma, information on packaging, etc.
  • Form: Capsule, cream, joint, cannabis edibles, etc.

Consider answering these additional questions to get the best insight possible:

  1. Where did you feel it?
  2. How long did it take for the sensation to kick in?
  3. How long did the sensation last?
  4. What you were doing?
  5. How did it affect your experience of what you were doing?

An inward, thoughtful approach to your cannabis sessions will not only improve how you experience it in the future, but will help make your participation safer and more reliable.

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