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A Guide to Cannabis Microdosing

Imagine you could enjoy the effects of THC without noticing that you’re high? This is what those who enjoy microdosing report when asked about the logistics of regularly imbibing in cannabis. According to some, small amounts of cannabis throughout the day (mind, when you’re not required to drive or operate heavy machinery) can be significantly different from consuming the amount of cannabis that typically gets you high.

In an article written by New York Magazine regarding the topic of microdosing psychedelics, users say “they are using it not to escape their everyday lives but to enhance them: If you’re microdosing, you might even forget you’re doing drugs in the first place. The amounts are sub-perceptual… They’re still themselves, users say, only a little better.”

These side effects—those that make people feel like better versions of themselves—are less intrusive than your typical high. They can include a better overall mood, appetite, sense of relaxation, and reduced anxiety, all under the umbrella of maintained control. 

Retaining your equilibrium is key to the experience of microdosing, otherwise, you’re likely to experience alternate effects that go against your primary goal (i.e. getting too high). The best way to achieve this equilibrium is to go slowly. Start with the smallest amount possible, anywhere from 0.5 to 2mg, depending on your tolerance, and go up from there. 

Part of microdosing is also the mindset: if you’re used to consuming cannabis just to get high, you’ll want to change your mindset to one that acknowledges that part of cannabis consumption is not what you’re going for when microdosing. The small but positive side effects of microdosing will end up being that much more enjoyable when considered against the backdrop of the right mentality. 

Ready to Try Microdosing?

If you’re interested in trying microdosing, talk to a budtender at one of our many weed CAFE locations and dispensaries in Toronto. Products like portion-controlled or labeled edibles can get you started on your microdosing journey; alternatively, specialist-recommended approaches for microdosing include tactical vaporizing and the ingestion of cannabis tea. 

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