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Essential cannabis accessories 

Essential cannabis accessories

There was once a time when cannabis accessories were limited to a range of practical yet largely uninspired products. But with the widespread growth of the industry post-legalization, you, the consumer, currently have a fresh variety of options available, all designed to enhance your personal 420 experience.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite new essential cannabis accessories.

The New Age

Grunge Off Dreamsicle Air Freshener Spray 

Do you enjoy smoking cannabis indoors but dislike its lingering scent? Grunge Off can help you eradicate the leftover cannabis smell from your space. Spritz this orange sherbet odor freshener inside your home and the scent of your most recent sesh won’t just be masked, it’ll be made non-existent.

$9.95 Grunge Off

High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges

These assorted fruit-flavoured lozenges help to combat the dreaded cottonmouth. Naturally sweetened and free from gluten and sugar, these functional saliva starters are both tasty and effective.

$9.99 Allume

HOOTS Wooden Roach Clips

Save your cannabis and your fingertips. These simple-to-use clips are comfortable, compact, and ergonomic. They also come in a selection of beautiful wood grain finishes.

$9.99 Mary Jane’s Headquarters

The Old & Faithful 

Hexagon Ceramic Bong

Part functional bong, part handcrafted showpiece, this geometrically designed, dishwasher-safe item, is not only easy to clean, but provides an incredibly smooth smoking experience.

$180 BRNT Designs

Electric Herb Grinder

Tried and true, the grinder has stood the test of time for a reason: it does its job and it does it well. This electric model, available at Friendly Stranger in Toronto, allows you to fine grind larger amounts of cannabis with ease. 

$34.95 Friendly Stranger

24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers

Rolling a joint has never been more bougie. Smooth burning, with a hemp blend base, these 24 karat gold rolling papers are sure to turn heads. (Best saved for special occasions). 

$13.99 Shine Papers 

The On-The-Ready 

Grinder Card

The grinder card is one of the most inventive new cannabis accessories to come out in recent years. For the cannabis consumer who prefers a sleeker grinding solution, this device is a must have.

$8.95 Green Goddess Supply

Oracle Pipe

Don’t like rolling joints? Not interested in owning a bong? Then a pipe is probably your best bet. Available in three unique pastel dye patterns, these handmade pipes help you add some style to your smoke.

$80.00 Concrete Cat

Greengo Biodegradable Organic ECO Slim Filters 200/pack

Cannabis consumption can be harsh, especially if you’re averse to smoking. Here’s where a decent filter saves the day, as well as your lungs. Available in packs of 200, these organic filters are as budget friendly as they are environmentally biodegradable.

$1.95 Toronto Hemp Company

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