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How to Properly Store Cannabis

Like all plants, cannabis needs to be stored properly to ensure that it remains fresh and effective. Here are some simple tips to help keep your cannabis fresh to enjoy for as long as possible. It all comes down to proper storage.

Keep in mind the following enemies of cannabis and the storage solutions you can adopt to work against them.

Enemies of Dried Cannabis


A British study in the 1970s named light as the number one contributor to the degradation of cannabis. Just as sunlight will bleach wood or fade colours, UV rays can damage the potency and effectiveness of the plant. Store your cannabis in a dark place or an opaque container to keep it safe.


Oxygen, over time, damages the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis. Keep your cannabis in an air-tight container and remember to use the right size. Avoid keeping small quantities in big jars, or vacuum seal it if you’re fancy.


Heat is an enemy of the active compounds in cannabis, as well as contributing to the possibility of mold or mildew. Keep your buds too cold, however, and you risk freezing and damaging the delicate trichomes (the resinous crystals that form on the outside of the flower), and severely reducing its potency. Choose a cool (and dark) spot to store your cannabis and avoid the extremes of the fridge or freezer. The best temperature is below 21 degrees Celsius.


Too much moisture in your storage environment puts you at risk for contamination by mildew and mold. Ingesting moldy bud can have real health consequences. On the other hand, not enough moisture can over-dry it and reduce its effectiveness. Store it in an environment with around 60% humidity.

3 more things to consider when storing your cannabis

Keep your cannabis away from pets and children: Make sure you’ve stored it in a secure container, away from little hands and curious snouts. Cannabis is no good for either.

Don’t store it in plastic: Plastic bags can transfer off-flavours and contaminants to your cannabis over time. Plastic also carries a positive static charge which can pull the valuable trichomes away from the plant and onto the sides of the container, severely reducing its potency. The best material to store your cannabis is glass or ceramic.

Keep that smell under wraps: Be a good neighbour and store your cannabis in a tightly sealed container that keeps odours out of the air.

Properly stored cannabis will retain its integrity and potency for up to two years. Keep it safe and effective by storing it according to these simple guidelines.

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