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Meet the Karbelniks – SENSES Chefs April 23

We are so excited to team up with this amazing duo – Erica and Josh Karbelnik – for our upcoming SENSES dinner on Saturday, April 23. Erica and Josh are well-experienced celebrity chefs – Erica took home the crown on season 3 of Chopped Canada as well as the most recent season of Food Network Canada’s Top Chef Canada. Her husband Josh also competed on the Top Chef show, and is well known in Toronto’s elite culinary scene. Both these amazing chefs are passionate not only about food, but also about cannabis – and in pairing these two passions, we find our paths crossed. We are currently preparing to host our next SENSES dinner on April 23, with Erica and Josh as our chefs for the evening! Tickets for this exciting night are sure to sell out, so get yours before they do: Tickets sell out quickly, so make sure to get yours before they’re gone!

The Karbelniks are from Ontario, but have traveled and lived in B.C. for a number of years as they worked at different high-end restaurants, and continued to build on their knowledge and experience with foods. Erica learned whole animal butchery, and the skill of hand-making pasta as part of her training in French-Italian cuisine. In 2016, the Karbelniks applied for Chopped Canada and both ended up winning. Following this amazing win, they decided to move back to Toronto to be closer to their families and start planning their wedding.

Upon returning to Toronto, Erica and Josh continued to build upon their culinary experiences by working in some of the city’s most elite restaurants – INK Entertainment, FIGO, Weslodge, Elmwood Spa, North 44 and the Broadview Hotel. In 2021, both decided to enter and compete in season 9 of Top Chef Canada – a renowned cooking competition well-recognized and anticipated in households across the country. Josh made it to the final four, and Erica won the title of Top Chef Canada! The experience was, no doubt, life-changing, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this very talented chef couple in the years to come.

In the meantime, the Karbelniks have begun to blend their superb culinary prowess with their love of cannabis. Just last year, we launched our SENSES Supper Series in partnership with Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook. Erica and Josh were part of our very first SENSES Wake & Bake Brunch event in July 2021, and also at our Sept 10 dinner. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be cooking up on April 23!

The Karbelniks have done amazingly well in their culinary careers so far, and their experiences along the way have helped pave the way for what’s next. Today, Erica and Josh run their own company, Karbs Catering, which is focused on bringing the fine-dining experience to private homes. Clients can choose all the elements of a custom, curated menu for themselves and their guests, and have it all served to them right at home. Cannabis infusion is an option, and the Karbelniks work with their clients to ensure accurate dosages and create unforgettable experiences. As well, Erica is working on her own brand of products, including her truffle honey vinaigrette inspired from her time at Top Chef Canada – which will be released in stores across Canada very soon.

We are truly excited for what’s ahead for Erica and Josh Karbelnik, and can’t wait to work with them on April 23! Don’t miss out on the chance to try some of their culinary delights, and of course experience the fun of infused dining. Get your tickets here:

To learn more about the Karbelniks, check them out on Instagram @chefericak and @bringonthekarbs Follow @iamcafe.official to stay up-to-date on our SENSES events!

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