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High Tea w/ The Queen (of Hash): Mila Jansen at The Boardroom

It’s not everyday you get to have tea with the Queen! In the cannabis world, that queen is Mila Jansen – a lifelong activist and innovator that gained fame in a male-dominated world with her revolutionary product The Pollinator. Ms. Jansen will turn 80 next month, and has lived an amazing and most interesting life all across the world.

Mila Jansen is a legend in the cannabis world.

Mila Jansen started smoking hash in Amsterdam in the winter of 1964 or 1965. She was 20 years old with a young daughter. At that time, there were no flowers in the whole city, but in the port area you could find some waiters in contact with sellers and that is how the dark and sticky resin entered, which generally came from the Middle East by sea. “That’s how it was before coffee shops,” said Jansen.

Mila was all smiles at the High Tea!
Mila the Hash Queen sparking one up at The Boardroom!

Her love of weed—more specifically, hash—sent her on a mission around the world to taste and procure the crème de la crème. The profound knowledge she gained from her travels ultimately paved the path to becoming cannabis royalty. Mila ultimately made waves with her product The Pollinator, which separates trichomes from the rest of the cannabis. The Pollinator machine’s screen-covered spinning drum allows the crystals to gently separate from the leaf and collect easily from the tray at the bottom of the box. To say this invention single-handedly altered the course of the industry is an understatement: it’s a defining moment in the modern history of western cannabis.

High Tea in session!

We are so humbled to have hosted this weed legend at CAFE! Exciting things have been in the works over here for a little while – our Boardroom at 104 Harbord has been doing so well and is in such high demand that we decided to open a second location! The Boardroom is a cozy, clean-air space for weed lovers over 19 in Toronto to smoke, relax and enjoy their favourite herb. Our specially designed negative air pressure system recycles the air every 120 seconds, ensuring no smoky build-up. The Boardroom features lots of fun offerings like board games, video games both retro and modern, as well as Netflix and streaming services. The cute, cozy décor and lighting add to the inviting experience, with each room decorated completely differently from the next. The Boardroom also offers light snacks and beverages, which can even be cannabis infused upon request.

Hash fans excited to meet and chat with Mila.
Enjoying some excellent hash.

The Boardroom finally opened its doors the last weekend of May for a private event on its grand opening night – High Tea with Mila the Hash Queen! The space was transformed overnight into a cannabis lover’s wonderland – with an Alice in Wonderland theme complete with special teas, our own Wesley Teas, French pastries such as lemon tarts, macarons and cannolis of every flavour, and delicious cakes. Guests were delighted at these extravagant treats and were happy to indulge!

The High Tea featured an Alice in Wonderland theme with lots of sumptious desserts.

Macarons, eclairs and so much more.

Upstairs, the team from Quasar Shisha set up their rigs with multiple pipes for the hash lovers eagerly waiting to get started. Mila, despite her celebrity-level status in the cannabis world, was super down-to-earth, humble and sweet, taking the time to greet and get to know the guests at the event. Throughout the afternoon, she was surrounded by different groups of people interested in learning more about her and her pioneering efforts in the cannabis world.

Setting up the Quasar shisha.
Hash sesh in progress.
Mila chatting with guests.
Even at age 79, Mila is an unstoppable force!

Hash and weed were smoked freely, tea was poured and conversation and laughter filled the venue. We are so excited to have hosted such a unique and unforgettable event at The Boardroom, and hope to put on many more! This High Tea was sponsored by Frenchy Cannoli, FNF, Quasar Shisha, Mills Nutrients, Skunk Magazine, Wesley Tea, Carmel, Jublee, CAFE and of course, The Boardroom at CAFE.

Wesley Tea, one of the event sponsors, had a tea booth set up.

Freshly made teas being infused for guests!

Guests mingling and getting to know one another.

An unforgettable time.

Puff, puff, pass!

Getting into the vibe.

The team from Jublee!
Checking out Mila’s book on her journey to becoming the Hash Queen.

Gathered around the Quasar.

Mila posing with her fans!

Many guests were serious hash aficionados who traveled from all over to see Mila!

Enjoying some 420!

Rolling one up.
Mila having fun!
Great conversations and meaningful moments.
A warm moment with Mila.
Mila at CAFE!
A wonderful time at High Tea!

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