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CAFE Product Knowledge Sessions

Here at CAFE, we are passionate about cannabis and seek to always bring the very best quality to our patrons. We are also deeply committed to efforts that foster responsible cannabis use, and promote safety practices amongst those in the cannabis community. We believe in ongoing education, and strive to maintain competency and thorough product knowledge within our teams of budtenders. Each CAFE dispensary located in downtown Toronto is staffed by eager, enthusiastic individuals who share in our passion for cannabis, and are highly committed to learning as much as possible so as to best serve our diverse clientele.

CAFE hosts regular product knowledge sessions in order to provide continuing education for our budtenders.

At CAFE, we serve people from all walks of life, who use cannabis for a wide range of needs – some medicinal, many recreational and every imaginable scenario in between. At CAFE, our mission is to ensure that our budtenders are always up-to-date on the latest news, information and knowledge within the industry so that they are best prepared to address the needs of our customers. We also place heavy emphasis on budtenders learning about appropriate dosing, tolerance levels and limits, so that they are well able to advise new or inexperienced customers with their purchases.

CAFE Budtenders at a Product Knowledge session.

In the spirit of ongoing education, CAFE hosts regular product knowledge sessions for our budtenders. This is done in collaboration with our product vendors, who we ask to come in and host a workshop for our store staff and managers. Each workshop is focused on product specifics, and includes important information relating to safety, dosage levels, cannabis compound concentrations and product effects. These sessions are also a great way through which our budtenders are able to express their own feedback on products, and offer suggestions on future product development based on their own experiences, and real-life conversations with people that use these products.

Budtenders taking notes at the session.

After a detailed presentation and a thorough discussion, our budtenders take a few moments to complete a quiz, demonstrating their proficiency in the topics covered. The session ends with each budtender receiving a bag of product samples from the vendor, in order to deepen their understanding and experience with the full range of cannabis products available.

Budtenders complete a quiz at CAFE’s latest product knowledge session.

CAFE is home to some of the best cannabis brands in Canada. We pride ourselves on our carefully curated selection of premium products, all of which are subject to rigorous testing and quality control. We are extremely careful when it comes to vendor and product selection, because we believe the quality on our shelves reflects upon us, and our commitment to delivering the best to our patrons.

A budtender completing the quiz.

We believe our educational product knowledge sessions to be invaluable for our budtenders in terms of learning, as they are able to interact directly with a representative from each of our brands, ask relevant questions and deepen their product knowledge. They are also able to provide valuable feedback based on their own experience and customer communications, all of which greatly help our vendors to continue to refine their cannabis product offerings – helping spark an infinite evolution in terms of product development and long-term improvement.

Staff learn new information at CAFE product knowledge sessions.
Taking a look at the quiz.

Staff complete a quiz that tests their product knowledge.

Staff get to discuss current events in the industry and share valuable feedback with presenters.
Product samples help budtenders become familiar with various brand offerings.
Exciting new products from PEX!

Product knowledge sessions give budtenders a chance to discover and learn more about the brand.


We are happy to dedicate our time towards such efforts that ultimately seek to improve the overall experience for our patrons. By investing in education, we better equip our budtenders to be the best in the industry, and an excellent source of information for our patrons. We also facilitate the continual evolution and improvement of every product on our shelves, by maintaining an open channel of communication where feedback from the customer is indeed passed back to the vendor, and directly helps shape the next batch of products to come. Here at CAFE, we are committed to remaining the best source for high-quality cannabis in Canada, and we will continue to promote safety and responsible use practices as part of our ongoing commitment to cannabis education – not just for our budtenders and patrons, but within the greater cannabis industry.  

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