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Puff and Paint: Halloween Edition

paint night oct 025

Here at CAFE, Halloween is our absolute favourite time of the year. We love everything about it – the chilly nights and spooky vibes! This week, we added a super fun event to our lineup of Halloween festivities – a spooky paint night! Our favourite artist Ashante once again hosted and led a fantastic and very fun Puff and Paint night, and this time the inspo artwork was an unbelievably cool version of Van Gogh’s infamous Starry Night. Ashante’s version included pumpkins and swirling ghosts, which everyone was super excited to see come to life on their own canvas!

paint night oct 007
CAFE Puff and Paint Night.

The night started off around 7pm at a private venue in Toronto’s Corso Italia neighbourhood. Guests streamed in and were immediately set up with a seat, an easel, brushes and paints. Of course, each guest also received a CAFE house pre-roll, to spark up right away and get the party started!

paint night oct 016
Our talented host Ashante.

Our Puff and Paint nights are hosted by Ashante, an amazingly talented local artist based in Toronto who specializes in acrylic paint and mixed media artwork. Ashante’s work as a fun, playful quality to it, and she is an absolute master when it comes to technique. It was a real pleasure to watch her bring her own canvas to life, with her smooth and practiced brush strokes and smooth blends.

paint night oct 021
Smokes & Jokes products at the show.
paint night oct 006
Ashante explaining her techniques to the class.

The prospect of painting a Van Gogh style piece of artwork is no doubt, intimidating to any amateur artist. Ashante assured the artists gathered that they would be able to create a really fun painting, by following along with her guidance on brush and paint application techniques. She prepared a palette for each painter, and each canvas already featured a pencil sketch of the design to take shape. Upon taking in her instructions, our artists got to work!

paint night oct 010
paint night oct 012
paint night oct 023

The night progressed with our painters gradually bringing their own canvases to life in true Van Gogh fashion, listening to music and puffing away on our CAFE pre-rolled joints. We love this event for its ability to perfectly combine cannabis and art. Many of our event attendees, and even our host Ashante spoke about how cannabis was the perfect pairing for an artistic activity such as painting. Many feel that the relaxing and mind-opening effects of cannabis were integral to artistic practice, and helped to facilitate real creativity.

paint night oct 020
paint night oct 011
paint night oct 019
paint night oct 022
paint night oct 026
All done!

The night wound up when everyone finished up their paintings. We had a wide array of beautiful Halloween-themed paintings – you might title these works Spooky Night! We had an absolutely amazing time and would like to thank everyone that attended. We can’t wait for the next one!

paint night oct 029
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