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Lisa Gets Lit – Another Exciting Night in Our Puff & Paint Series!

Last week was a busy one for us here at CAFE! We’ve been making the most of the beautiful summer weather by getting right into our cannabis-focused events – which are getting increasingly popular as more and more people become curious about cannabis and its ability to enhance our experiences. We kicked off the week with another great night in our Puff and Paint series – led by the amazing Ashante as always!

Ashante, the host of our Puff and Paint Nights!

Ashante is a Toronto-based mixed media artist who routinely hosts our Puff and Paint nights. She is a regular at paint nights across the city, and we always love the talent and professionalism she brings to our events! Ashante provides all guests with an easel, canvas and all the supplies needed to create their own masterpiece. She then guides them through a detailed painting session, coaching all participants through every step.

Our Puff and Paint nights combine cannabis and creativity.

Our Paint Night began at 7pm in Toronto’s St. Clair West neighbourhood, just steps away from our 1321 CAFE Dispensary. Event attendees were brought to their seats and set up with their paint supplies – and of course, a CAFE house roll to kick the night off! Our Puff & Paint nights are a weed-friendly event, and guests are free to consume cannabis throughout the evening as they work on their paintings. The night may begin with a CAFE house roll, but can include other cannabis joints or edibles as guests are allowed to bring their own.

Puff and Paint nights are a cannabis-friendly event, where guests are allowed to consume freely.

This night’s paint session was extra fun – guests got to paint Lisa Simpson! Since these paint nights are focused around weed – each canvas featured the outline of Lisa smoking a joint. Guests got to work eagerly, each one making their own unique version of Lisa and her joint. As they painted, guests puffed away on their favourite flowers and enjoyed the music. It was a very relaxing night!

Puffing and painting at CAFE paint nights!

Guests enjoying the night.

Each version of Lisa turned out to be completely unique.

Painting in progress.

A very relaxing paint night.

We love the opportunity to put on events that combine weed with creativity. From research, and also from the experiences of many, many users – we do know that cannabis tends to amplify creative tendencies, and help bring on inspiration. A look around the room revealed that throughout the evening, each guest was puffing away on a joint or blunt – so we’d say they would agree!

CAFE is home to the best cannabis-focused events in Toronto!
Guests enjoying themselves at Puff and Paint night!
Lisa’s lit.

By the end of the night, we saw Lisa Simpson in many forms across every canvas – each piece was so unique, we took a group photo to capture them all! We thank everyone that attended our Puff and Paint night and made it a success! We can’t wait for the next one – stay tuned to our socials to find out when that will be!

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