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Halloween Fun at The Boardroom – Our First Consumption & Games Lounge

We love Halloween here at CAFE, and take every opportunity to engage in spooky fun whenever we can! Last week we had the opportunity to host a very special event at our own Boardroom – a brand-new indoor consumption lounge that is truly the place to be – for those that enjoy cannabis related entertainment in Toronto.

Located in Harbord Village, The Boardroom is a sweet spot for those that love to enjoy cannabis in a cozy, chill atmosphere. The space is decked out with retro artwork, board games and even a vintage retro arcade game setup. The Boardroom is a cannabis-friendly space, so guests are free to light one up while they hang with friends and play games. Guests are also able to order infused beverages from our barista counter downstairs, or even enjoy their favourite edibles from CAFE in the space!

The Boardroom at 104 Harbord St.

We celebrated Halloween at The Boardroom with a super fun pumpkin painting event! Guests came in to a spookily decorated space, with cobwebs hanging and bowls of Halloween treats on every table. Pumpkins, paints and craft materials were placed on tables as well, and guests could choose their own designs and paint anything they felt like.

Pumpkins ready to be painted!

Guests were excited to get started – not only with painting but also with smoking! Each person received a pre-roll, and soon the room was full of the sweet smell of everyone’s favourite herbs!

The Boardroom hosts cannabis-friendly events, where guests are allowed to consume freely.

This night’s paint session was extra fun – guests got to paint Lisa Simpson! Since these paint nights are focused around weed – each canvas featured the outline of Lisa smoking a joint. Guests got to work eagerly, each one making their own unique version of Lisa and her joint. As they painted, guests puffed away on their favourite flowers and enjoyed the music. It was a very relaxing night!

Lighting one up at The Boardroom.

Pumpkin painting in progress.

The Boardroom offers people a space to enjoy cannabis and their favourite activities.

Painting in progress.

A very relaxing paint night.

We love the opportunity to put on events that combine weed with creativity. From research, and also from the experiences of many, many users – we do know that cannabis tends to amplify creative tendencies, and help bring on inspiration. A look around the room revealed that throughout the evening, each guest was puffing away on a joint or blunt – so we’d say they would agree!

CAFE is home to the best cannabis-focused events in Toronto!
Guests painted some very creative designs on their pumpkins!

Since it was Halloween, we hosted a little costume contest! Guests were asked to dress up, with the best costume winning a prize. Halfway through the event, everyone in attendance voted for their favourite costume – and the prize winner turned out to be Tinker Bell!

Tinker Bell, the winning costume!
Congrats to Tinker Bell on winning a sweet CAFE gift box!
Enjoying cannabis and entertainment at The Boardroom.
A job well done!
The Boardroom is the ultimate cannabis consumption lounge in Toronto!
Uniquely painted pumpkins!
A lot of very cool pumpkins by the end of the night!

Our first event at The Boardroom was a lot of fun, and a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a truly unforgettable night. We can’t wait for the next event!

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