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SENSES: An Unforgettable Cannabis x Fine Dining Experience Coming Up Jan 21

senses jan 21 dinner

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming SENSES event on January 21 – a night of cannabis-infused fine dining with acclaimed celebrity chef Travis Petersen! Our SENSES brunches and dinners have been nothing but spectacular in the past, and we expect this one to be just as exciting.

Join us for an unforgettable night of cannabis-induced euphoria and mouth-watering culinary delights prepared by Chef Travis and his talented team. The night will feature a multi-course dinner in an intimate setting, at a beautifully upscale venue in downtown Toronto. Guests will get to enjoy refreshing mocktails, made with CBD and with the option of THC added, alongside scrumptious meal offerings that will be infused with CBD and THC. At the start of the evening, Chef Travis will come around and speak with each guest individually, in order to understand their experience with cannabis, and help them decide on an appropriate dosage level. Each meal will then be carefully dosed to the precise tolerance of each guest before being served.

What’s On the Menu?

The menu offerings are different with each of our SENSES events. Our specialty chefs love to get creative, and come up with an exciting, mouthwatering series of fine culinary dishes as part of a four-course meal. For this January 21 event, Chef Travis is planning the following menu. Check it out – we can’t wait to try it!


Smoked Pastrami Steam Bun
Sauerkraut | Horseradish Aioli | Rye

Miso Roasted Eggplant
Pickled Ginger | Kombu Dashi | Crispy Sesame Shallots

Hamachi & Uni Crudo
Sweet Soy | Furikake | Serrano

Peking Lamb
Fried Rice | Demi | Bok Choy

Matcha Coconut
Meringue | White Chocolate Ganache | Black Berries

Vegetarian Substitutes

3rd Course
Smoked Watermelon & Honey Dijon Brule
Sweet Soy | Pickled Watermelon Grinds | Serrano

4th Course
Peking Charred Zucchini
Fried Rice | Demi | Bok Choy

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis connoisseur, or just starting out into the world of cannabis edibles, you’re sure to have a night you’ll never forget at our SENSES night of fine dining presented by CAFE and The Nomad Cook. The event will take place at an exclusive, private location – the details of which will be released to ticket holders the night before. Guests can expect to travel to downtown Toronto for the event. We strongly recommend that guests plan their transportation to and from the event, which will be accessible by public transit and ride sharing services.

We do not suggest guests drive to or from the event – please be responsible and use transit, taxi, ride-shares or have someone pick you up.

For tickets, click HERE. Be sure to reserve your spot before they’re all gone!

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