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Get Lit & Laugh at Smokes & Jokes 420 Comedy Night

Our series of super fun 420 events would not be complete without one of our comedy nights – and this latest event from Smokes & Jokes certainly did not disappoint! Our late night show took place at Toronto’s storied Comedy Bar, located on Bloor St W just steps away from our 932 Bloor St location. This was a late night show – 11pm – perfect for all the night owls! As usual, our show was fully sold out, and with yet another lineup of talented local comedians, we are happy to say the show was an absolute success.

CAFE and Smokes & Jokes host monthly comedy shows at the Comedy Bar.

CAFE and our in-house brand Smokes & Jokes host monthly comedy nights at Toronto’s well-reputed Comedy Bar, where the city’s best talent take to the stage to regale audiences with their best material. CAFE is proud to work with some of the city’s best talent, and humbled to say that our shows are so popular that they sell out every single time. We love that many of our comedians are also huge fans of cannabis, and make many jokes about their favourite herb that land especially well with our cannabis-loving audience.

Sam Burns, the host of our 420 SJ comedy night.
Jordan Policicchio on stage.

The night started at 11pm at Toronto’s famous Comedy Bar, located on Bloor St West. This spot is conveniently just across the street from our 932 Bloor St W location, where show goers could show their ticket and receive 20% off product of their choice. Indeed, our store was quite busy as many show goers came in to redeem their discount before the show, and some even came by the next day!

Ronen on stage.

The night featured a lineup of local comedians, some of whom perform regularly at our shows, and some that were brand new. Whether they had performed with us or not, all comedians were in high spirits and full of hilarious jokes that kept the audience in stitches!

Sam Burns with his unique sense of style.

The MC of the show was comedian Sam Burns, who had a very unique sense of style and kept changing elements of his outfits to delight the audience.

Sebastian Bourgault.

Needless to say, our comedians were hilarious. Every joke elicited howls of laughter from the audience, and it was evident that guests were having the time of their lives!

Sarah Ashby on stage.

Sam Burns about to do a giveaway.

The night of comedy was made more interesting by our prize giveaways! Halfway through the show, our MC Sam Burns pulled out a couple of CAFE gift bags – containing an awesome prize pack of Smokes & Jokes premium cannabis flower and goodies like a hat or tee shirt. Rather than just handing the gifts out at random, our MC decided to make things a little more interesting.

Rock, paper, scissors!

To make things fair, our MC called up guests who wanted to compete for the prizes – and had them battle it out by playing Rock, Paper & Scissors on stage! We definitely had some very interested participants – and some interesting outcomes!

Battle #2 for a CAFE prize pack.

Our second set of competitors were super sweet – and wanted to split their prize rather than battle it out! In the end, they did battle it out, and one lucky winner walked away with the bag.

Cannabis inspires creativity.

The night was a truly fun one, and guests enjoyed the comedic performances. The Comedy Bar is a non smoking venue, but guests were able to order food and drinks right from their tables by scanning a QR code. Of course, we did observe many people indulging in their favourite cannabis products outside before and after the show!

Guests enjoying themselves at the show.

Our show headliner Alex Wood.

Guests laughing during the show.

We had a fantastic time at this Smokes & Jokes show as always! Our shows happen every month, and feature a unique lineup of comedians each time. To get tickets for our May show, click HERE.

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