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Smokes & Jokes Brings the Laughs on Victoria Day Long Weekend

CAFE is home to not only excellent cannabis offerings, but also lots of fun and laughter with our monthly comedy shows! Our May show took place as usual at Toronto’s storied Comedy Bar, located on Bloor St W just steps away from our 932 Bloor St location. The show was scheduled for 7pm, and despite it being a long weekend with many Torontonians away from the city – we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people line up, and take their seats in eager anticipation of our show!

CAFE and Smokes & Jokes host monthly comedy shows at the Comedy Bar.

CAFE and our in-house brand Smokes & Jokes host monthly comedy nights at Toronto’s well-reputed Comedy Bar, where the city’s best talent take to the stage to regale audiences with their best material. CAFE is proud to work with some of the city’s best talent, and humbled to say that our shows are so popular that they sell out all the time. Many of our comedians are also huge fans of cannabis, and love to make jokes about their favourite herb that land especially well with our cannabis-loving audience.

Ryan Hillis, the host of our May SJ comedy night.
Amber Autry from Nashville, Tennessee!

The night started at 7pm at Toronto’s famous Comedy Bar, located on Bloor St West. This spot is conveniently just across the street from our 932 Bloor St W location, where show goers could show their ticket and receive 20% off product of their choice. This promo is extremely well-received by our audience – we often see them making their way across the street to our store right after the show!

Allison Summers, another comedian from Nashville.

The night featured a lineup of comedians, some of whom are local to Toronto and perform regularly at our shows, and some that were brand new and from out of town. On this show, we had two comedians who traveled all the way from Nashville, Tennessee – we were honoured to have them take part in our comedy night!

Amber Autry on stage.

The MC of the show was local comedian Ryan Hillis, who regularly performs at our shows and keeps our audience laughing. Ryan is a huge cannabis fan and loves to tell jokes about his experiences with cannabis, such as eating a huge plate of cookies and then realizing later that they were actually weed edibles.

Brad Gosse.

Brad Gosse took to the stage armed with a set of books – which he told the audience were children’s books that he authored. The books covered topics such as race, gender and other social issues that are hotly debated across society today.

Giveaway time!

Our comedy nights are always made more interesting by our prize giveaways! Halfway through the show, our MC Sam Ryan Hillis pulled out a couple of CAFE gift bags – containing an awesome prize pack of Smokes & Jokes premium cannabis flower and goodies like a hat or tee shirt. Rather than just handing the gifts out at random, our MCs find ways to make things more interesting – by having audience members battle it out on stage!

Rock, paper, scissors!

To make things fair, our MC called up guests who wanted to compete for the prizes – and had them engage in a game of Rock, Paper & Scissors on stage! This is a super fun game and much anticipated moment at our comedy nights, as many people love the chance to compete in a fun way for one of our prize packs.

Battle #2 for a CAFE prize pack.

The night was a truly fun one, and guests enjoyed the comedic performances. The Comedy Bar is a non smoking venue, but guests were able to order food and drinks right from their tables by scanning a QR code. Of course, we did observe many people indulging in their favourite cannabis products outside before and after the show!

We had a fantastic time at this Smokes & Jokes show as always! Our shows happen every month, and feature a unique lineup of comedians each time. To get tickets for our June show, click HERE.

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