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Fall Funnies: Smokes & Jokes Late Night Show at The Comedy Bar in Toronto

CAFE is your one stop shop for everything related to cannabis! Not only do we have the best weed selection in Toronto, along with every kind of edible, cannabis infused beverages and accessories – we are also the best place to go for cannabis centric entertainment in the city. CAFE and Smokes & Jokes present a monthly comedy show that takes place at Toronto’s storied Comedy Bar, located on Bloor St W just steps away from our 932 Bloor St location. Our October show was a late night one – 11pm – and despite the hour, the room was full – our show was entirely sold out! We were so happy to see so many people show up, ready for a night full of laughter and comedy.

CAFE and Smokes & Jokes host monthly comedy shows at the Comedy Bar.

CAFE and our in-house brand Smokes & Jokes host monthly comedy nights at Toronto’s well-reputed Comedy Bar, where the city’s best talent take to the stage to regale audiences with their best material. CAFE is proud to work with some of the city’s best talent, and humbled to say that our shows are so popular that they sell out all the time. Many of our comedians are also huge fans of cannabis, and love to make jokes about their favourite herb that land especially well with our cannabis-loving audience.

Sebastian Bourgeault, the MC of our October SJ comedy night.
Ronen, one of our regular monthly comedians.

The night started at 11pm at Toronto’s famous Comedy Bar, located on Bloor St West. This spot is conveniently just across the street from our 932 Bloor St W location, where show goers could show their ticket and receive 20% off product of their choice. This promo is extremely well-received by our audience – we often see them making their way across the street to our store prior to the show, or the next day.

Silvi Santoso had guests in stitches with her hilarious jokes and music.

The night featured a lineup of comedians, most of whom are local to Toronto and perform regularly at our shows. We were pleased to welcome back Ronen, a regular who performs with us every month, Faraz Niafattah who goes by the nickname of Gypsy Tears on social media, and the quietly hilarious Sai Kit who headlined our show!

Jessie Olsen on stage.

We find it funny how many of our comedians love to tell jokes that involve cannabis. Of course, many of them are big fans of our favourite flowers, and even shop regularly with us at CAFE. Given that our audience is also largely a group of cannabis fans, we’re all on the same page at these shows!

Sai Kit, our show headliner and a frequent performer with us at Smokes & Jokes!

Jwalit Bharwani, new to our show and an excellent comedian!

Faraz Niafattah was absolutely hilarious onstage.
Guests enjoying the show.

The night was a truly fun one, and guests enjoyed the comedic performances. The Comedy Bar is a non smoking venue, but guests were able to order food and drinks right from their tables by scanning a QR code. Of course, we did observe many people indulging in their favourite cannabis products outside before and after the show!

We had a fantastic time at this Smokes & Jokes show as always! Our shows happen every month, and feature a unique lineup of comedians each time. To get tickets for our November show, click HERE.

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