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The complete legal status of cannabis in Canada

Disclaimer: This resource has been updated as of September 12, 2018.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis becoming official on October 17, 2018, the Canadian Government’s policies and restrictions are changing at rapid speed. The laws being passed about who can buy, sell, possess, and consume cannabis will vary from Province to Province and we want you to stay informed and safe.

Below are some key details you’ll want to know regarding how independent retailers, citizens, and the Province can sell and possess cannabis products.

Quick points to note that apply to all Provinces with regards to cannabis legalization in Canada:

Individual Provinces and Territories have the ability to:
  • Lower the possession limits of cannabis
  • Increase the minimum age of patrons
  • Restrict places or locations that cannabis can be used in public
  • Create new requirements on the personal cultivation of cannabis

Your cannabis legalization quick facts

Once cannabis is officially legal on October 17, Canadians will be able to:

  • Buy cannabis in the form of fresh or dried buds, oils derived from cannabis, cannabis plants, and seeds used for cannabis cultivation
  • Purchase cannabis from a retailer that is Provincially or Territorially regulated (or a Federally Licensed Producer)
  • Have up to 30 grams of dried, legal cannabis in their possession while in public
  • Share up to 30 grams (of legal cannabis products) with other adults
  • Create cannabis products at home for personal use

Resources for details on cannabis restrictions per province and territory

Challenges will continue to exist

The Cannabis Act is a first act. This act will continue to be challenged and molded, adjusted and changed over the coming decades to fit in line with the general consensus of Canadian society. There is much more work to do to be able to provide Canadians with reasonable dignified access and a right to choice.


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