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Top 5 Growing Tips

For our final #Croptober feature of 2020, Mike from The Cannabis Superstore has provided us his Top 5 tips for growing both indoor and outdoor. As a bonus, he also talks about some of the main challenges we face for growing in Canada.

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Top 5 Tips For Growing Indoors:

  1. Select good genetics that meet your needs. Select a mom and cut clones so all plants are uniform.
  2. Only grow 1-2 strains per room.
  3. Ph adjust your water when using liquid fertilizer.
  4. Control the temperature and humidity. If the environment isn’t stable you can prevent plants from feeding, growing and through time you may develop many fungal and pest issues.
  5. Select a good light with a higher wattage for high yield. In most cases your goal is gram per watt, so if you have a 300 watt LED it will be hard to get a lb of medicine.

Top 5 Tips For Growing Outdoors:

  1. Like indoor, selecting genetics and doing clones is key for uniform growth and feed schedule.
  2. Purchase or make a good living soil.
  3. Support your plants with trellis and posts.
  4. Do not over water – wait until leaves are drooping and the soil feels dry.
  5. Use fertilizer designed for outdoor soil. Many liquid fertilizers are not good to use in soil outside.

Top Challenges For Growing In Canada:

Canada has a very diverse four season climate, especially in Southern Ontario. We tend to have a very cold spring, super hot summers, a wet fall, and winter arrivers whenever it feels like. As outdoor farmers we have to be prepared for all these factors. Good drainage for heavy rainfall and lots of support because we can get winds above 60 km/h. Our traditional outdoor season is short, so we have to grow big tall plants in a short period of time that can last us all year. So I guess in short, we overcome all of these conditions by being prepared and combining modifying traditional farming techniques to work with cannabis. Even though conditions are tough, I think this is the reason Ontario has some of the best growers in the world.

What differentiates Canada versus other countries when it comes to cannabis is our passion for quality. All around the world cannabis is used day-to-day, and some cultures for thousands of years. However, when you view the quality of their farms and products, there seems to be very little ambition for aesthetics. Black market, legal market Canadian growers not only want the plant to work well as medicine, they want it to look good, smell good, and be packaged nicely. Even small home growers take so much pride in their tents and rooms. As Canadians, we just have a higher standard for our cannabis.


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