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Top Picks of Our Pre-roll Joints Selection

Five pre-rolled joints in a black surface

There’s an art to rolling joints by hand that gets passed down from cannabis connoisseur to cannabis connoisseur. The problem is that it’s a dying art in the age of vape pens, e-nails, and sugary cannabis edibles.

Still, smoking a proper joint is part of the fun for many in the cannabis community, so we decided to add pre-rolls to our already vast selection at our Toronto dispensary, CAFE.

Indeed, to give you a better idea of why pre-rolls are becoming more popular, here are the basics you need to know.

Pre-roll Joints in Toronto, ON

What Are Pre-roll Joints?

There may be plenty of ways to consume cannabis these days, yet none offer the same classic smoking experience as puffing and passing a joint among friends.

Although it’s reasonably challenging to roll a joint, there are many ways to get it right. Anyone can learn to roll a perfect spliff in less than a minute; however, many cannabis users never completely master the art or simply prefer not to roll.

Either way, it’s great to know what a great joint looks like – and smokes like – without needing to master every rolling technique.

Why Is Rolling a Joint Difficult for Some Smokers?

A masterful cannabis connoisseur knows how to roll with any type of joint paper, no matter how thin and delicate the material is. One time-honoured technique to a great joint is to use organic hemp papers that burn slower than standard papers.

On the other hand, depending on the grow and cure quality, buds may not “twist” properly into a cylindrical shape, which ends up making the roll loose and burns way faster than it should. The trickiest part of rolling is judging the twist of the ground-up buds relative to the type and quality of the joint paper.

Here’s how to tell if you’re looking at a quality roll with that information in mind.

How Can You Tell If a Joint Is Rolled Well?

Pre rolled Joints in a tiny blue wallet

First, to appreciate a nice pre-roll, you should remember what to look for in a good one.

Honestly, almost any papers from a trusted brand will work as long as it smokes evenly on all sides, and you avoid the dreaded “run” in the joint paper as well. The easy way to spot a poorly rolled joint is that it runs almost immediately after you light it and take a few puffs.

A proper joint should also be snug and firm but not overly tight. The joint should give just a little when you squeeze it gently to test for the quality of the twist. The tell-tale sign of a loose joint is when you can grab the tip/filter, wiggle it around a bit, and see whether or not the spliff sags when smoked.

If it does, that’s a sign of a so-so rolling technique because the whole purpose of rolling marijuana is to enjoy the session, not constantly fight the joint to keep it lit, and avoid creating a run.

It would be best if you also watched out for a joint with too many wrinkles and creases, which also indicate an uneven twist.

What Are the Best Pre-roll Joints in Toronto?

That said, we only carry quality pre-rolls at CAFE, yet we often get questions about the best type.

First, a pre-roll needs to come in a container that protects the joint during shipping. After all, the last thing we want is for you to receive a broken pre-roll.

Another way to judge the best pre-rolls is to see whether or not they have tips or filters too. You could consume cannabis flowers the old-fashioned way, but many connoisseurs swear by tips and filters for a better smoking experience.

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid? Which One Works Best for Pre-rolls? 

Our pre-rolls come in four general varieties:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid
  • House roulette

But you can buy them in two different sizes: 0.8g pre-rolls and 3.5g pre-rolls.

So, depending on the type of smoking experience you want, you’ll want to lean towards certain strains.

For an “in da couch” buzz, go for an Indica pre-roll to get the full effect of THC; for a more energetic vibe, try a Sativa pre-roll and compare the difference.

But for those who want the best of both worlds, you can’t go wrong with a hybrid or a house roulette pre-roll.

Without getting too technical about strains and growing, a hybrid is essentially a fusion of two usually potent strains to form a new one. The resulting combination has a flavour profile and gives you a high distinct from the parent strains.

Honestly, that’s what many in the cannabis community enjoy most about hybrids. The possibilities are endless if a grower has the skill to create new strains.

Still, the main challenge for many is finding an online shop that sells quality buds at fair prices.

Purchase Pre-roll Joints Online or In-store in Toronto at CAFE 

In the end, when you need to buy joints online, we have you covered at CAFE because we only carry quality cannabis flowers and cannabis accessories.

Our top selections include the following:

Indica pre-rolls

When you want a classic buzz, look no further than an Indica pre-roll.

Sativa pre-rolls

Are you looking for a lighter buzz? Try a KushKraft Sativa pre-roll instead.

Why buy one quality pre-roll when you can get five for a great price?

This pre-roll is excellent for sharing with friends and is one of our most popular selections.

Hybrid Pre-rolls

Want to best of both worlds? Try on our hybrids and experience a unique buzz.

Here’s another fantastic choice if you want to share the love with friends in a long smoke session.

Is the Big Sticky a little too much? Try this one instead for a great solo smoke session!

Special offer

Are you feeling lucky? Try this pre-roll for a surprisingly crisp smoke session.

We take away the hassle of finding great buds and make it much easier to buy joints online in Toronto if you live in the GTA.

Ultimately, we want our products to improve the quality of your life, and smoking a proper pre-roll joint is an experience you can’t pass by.

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