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What’s Croptober?

“Croptober” is the busy harvest season for outdoor cannabis growers. After months of careful tending, cannabis plants have finally reached their maturation stage and are ready for the flowers to be harvested. Outdoor growers spend much of October trimming, cutting and drying cannabis flowers that have been harvested.

All those potent terpenes in the air are a cause for celebration! Growing takes time and patience, and in the same way as any other harvest – growers are ready to take a break and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Here at CAFE, we’ll be marking Croptober by sharing photo submissions from our community of cannabis growers! We’re also running a contest for growers to submit photos of their plants, with a chance to win one of three cash prizes! See our contest details here.

For more information, educational content and to find products for growing and maintaining your own cannabis grow, check out Toronto-based Cannabis Superstore. Their team is experienced and highly knowledgeable, and they carry a wide array of useful products, growing equipment, books, tools and more that can assist you with your growing efforts.

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