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Book Review: ‘Pursuit: 365’ Features 365 Extraordinary Canadian Women

A journey of Canadian women that are leading from the front and inspiring other women around the world to follow their footsteps to happiness, success, and fulfillment, Pursuit: 365 is a must-read book of this summer.

Pursuit: 365 by Shelly Lynn Hughes and 365 other co-authors, features inspiring stories of Canadian women who stepped out of their comfort zone and managed to reach the top tiers in a man’s world. The book is about celebrating the strong women who led by example by conquering all the obstacles and hardships in their journey.

Each of the 365 stories in Pursuit: 365 offers a unique experience of successful women of Canada aimed to inspire others. From starting off with just a dream to building an empire, Pursuit: 365 offers mind-blowing success stories that will motivate you to work harder than ever and achieve your goals.

And down the line, if you get demotivated, there are 365 different stories in the book about the women who survived everything that the world threw at them and managed to make a name for themselves. And reading a story each day for the rest of the year will surely keep you motivated to work really hard for your goals.

The readers will get to read about the life of many well-known personalities including Dawn Ried, Collen Kirk, Brenda Wong, and more. One of the best-selling authors of the New York times, Tosca Reno has also shared her life experience in the Pursuit: 365.

Born in 1959, Tosca Reno always had a thing for writing compelling content and to this day, she has published 11 books in total and she also wrote numerous articles for many major publishers around the country. Her writing was appreciated by millions but she had to face many hurdles in her journey. However, her success story will leave you in awe.

Leslie Diamond, a well-known personality in the field of Philanthropy, also shared her side of the story and her journey is quite encouraging, especially for the young generation. Similarly, you’ll see many other extraordinary women of Canada featured in Pursuit: 365.

The general idea behind Pursuit: 365 is to inspire women, men, and kids to explore their abilities and guide them on how they could utilize them in the real world to pursue their dreams. In the time of the pandemic that caused great anxiety and self-doubt in people, Pursuit: 365 is an excellent book to improve your morale and find the motivation to step out in the real world.

The founder of Fresh Magazines, Shelly Lynn Hughes is the brains behind the idea of Pursuit: 365. She believes that an inspirational story could encourage people to find meaningful goals in their lives.

Lastly, one of the most anticipated books of the year, Pursuit: 365 will be available on the market on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2021 in stores all over Canada. Furthermore, this book will also be readily available on Amazon as well.



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