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Acid Dough Strain


THC range
CBD range
euphoria, happiness, giggly, laughter
Sweet, tropical, fruity, candy
earthy, sweet, sour
May Relieve
Migraine, headaches, chronic pain, lack of appetite, nausea


When it comes to sativa dominant hybrid strains, it’s hard to look past Acid Dough! This mild sativa dominant hybrid features a balanced 18-20% THC and boasts some famous genetics from well-known cannabis strains. It has also won some cannabis awards for its flavor and cannabinoid profile.

Don’t let the low THC percentage fool you, though. This cannabis strain still packs a healthy punch! The high from Acid Dough will rush straight from your head and leave you feeling euphoric and energetic. Once the initial high starts to settle in, you’ll experience a feeling of euphoria and happiness followed by plenty of giggles and laughter. It’s a great strain to enjoy with friends or if you’re heading out for the day or night and don’t want to be tired or lethargic.

People that suffer from migraines, headaches, chronic pain, and lack of appetite or nausea often find that the effects of Acid Dough are perfect—just the right balance of uplifting energy and relaxation.

The aroma and flavor profile of Acid Dough is super sweet, and from the first time you vape or smoke it, you’ll notice how super sweet it is. It has some sweet tropical, fruity, and sour flavors that all combine together perfectly. Imagine a sweet and sour candy with a delicious natural and earthy cannabis flavor, and you’ll be close to the flavor profile of Acid Dough.

It’s not every day that you run into a cannabis strain that boasts such a delicious flavour and aroma and also delivers a unique and uplifting high that is well-balanced. Like any new cannabis strain you try, take it slowly with Acid Dough until you fully understand what your tolerances are and how your body will react. Once you try it, we’re sure you’ll love it!

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