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972 animal face (s) cafe bud shots
972 animal face (s) cafe bud shots

Animal Face Strain


THC range
CBD range
Body high, euphoric, uplifting, relaxing
Diesel, pine, nutty, sweet
Diesel, earthy, musky, sweet
May Relieve
Appetite, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea
Caryophyllene, humulene, limonene


Animal Face is a rare yet potent sativa strain that is well-known for its euphoric and uplifting high that leaves you feeling euphoric and happy. So if you love sativa strains that give you a little boost of energy and don’t leave you feeling washed out and lethargic like many indicas, then Animal Face could be just the strain you’ve been searching for!

The high from Animal Face starts with a euphoric head rush thanks to its higher-than-average THC content. Soon, that tingly head high will spread to the rest of your body, leaving you completely relaxed and at ease with the world. It’s a great strain for mental relaxation and contemplation.

The flavor of Animal Face is intense and potent, with clear notes of diesel, nuts, pine, and musky earth. It’s like a walk through a wet and dense forest on a rainy day, with strong earthy notes. The flavor then continues into the aroma. If you’re a fan of strong and intense cannabis strains, you’ll love both the flavor and aroma of Animal Face.

There’s nothing quite like the intensity of a premium sativa high, and Animal Face doesn’t fail to disappoint! Animal Face delivers a great sativa high but takes it slow until you fully understand what your tolerances are, and how this cannabis strain is going to affect you.

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