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Designer OG Strain

Indica Hybrid

THC range
20-28% +
CBD range
Relaxing, euphoric, uplifting, body high
Woody, herbal, skunky
Earthy, skunky, pungent, spicy
May Relieve
Insomnia, stress, depression, chronic pain
Limonene, myrcene


Suppose you have been searching for an indica dominant hybrid strain that combines the characteristics of some extremely popular cannabis strains. In that case, Designer OG could be just what you’ve been searching for! When you combine the amazing appearance, aroma, and flavor together in Designer OG, you’re getting a cannabis strain that hits it right out of the park.

The high from Designer OG is amazingly smooth, without any extreme ups or downs, and features a relaxing high that gently pulls your mind and body into a place that you’re going to fall in love with. Once the initial head high settles in, the rest of the high will gently and smoothly wash over the rest of your body. If you have any stress or negative thoughts, then Designer OG is the perfect cannabis strain to wash them all away.

When you break open these beautiful green and orange buds, your sense of smell will be immediately assaulted by the sweet aroma of earth, skunk, and dank spices that are familiar to all true cannabis connoisseurs. But, there’s just something deliciously fresh about Designer OG that we know you’re going to love.

The delectable aroma of Designer OG continues well and truly into the flavour department. So, if you have been searching for a potent and skunky strain of cannabis that blows your socks off and leaves you stress-free and relaxed, then why not give Designer OG a try? You might just have found another addition to your regular smoke rotation!

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