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donny burger 1800 v3 use 003
donny burger 1800 v3 use 003

Donny Burger Strain


THC range
CBD range
Euphoria, tingly, uplifting, body high
Citrus, peppery, spicy, cheesy, sweet
Sweet, pungent, earthy, spicy
May Relieve
Inflammation, depression, stress, chronic pain
Myrcene, linalool, limonene


If you have been searching for an indica-dominant cannabis strain, then look no further than Donny Burger! Donny Burger was created by crossing GMO with Han Solo Burger strains to create a genetic masterpiece. You’ll get a hint of that sativa high you love combined with a whole lot of indica goodness.

Donny Burger delivers a full-body high that will relax your mind first, then quickly spread outwards to your limbs, leaving you feeling completely calm. There’s no room in your head for stress or anxiety when you have tasted the powerful effects of Donny Burger.

This is a great social smoke that you can enjoy with friends or even if you have a night of socializing ahead of you. It’s going to leave you chatty, friendly, and ready to mix and mingle all night long. You’ll notice the effects almost immediately when you smoke or vape Donny Burger before it washes over the rest of your body.

The spicy and peppery flavor of Donny Burger also features hints of cheese and citrus and just the right amount of dank earthiness. The flavor of Donny Burger continues into the aroma, where you’ll notice a spicy licorice flavor that has a cheesy undertone with subtle hints of zesty citrus.

If you love potent indica strains, then you’ll love Donny Burger! Just take it low and slow with this potent strain until you fully understand its effects because the 20-28% THC is powerful!

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