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Dreamlover Strain


THC range
25% +
CBD range
Energizing, euphoric, full body high
Citrus, sweet, tropical, berry, and spicy
Herbal, sweet, floral
May Relieve
Pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, depression, stress


Dreamlover is a unique and rare sativa strain that’s going to deliver you the uplifting and energizing high that you’ve been searching for! It’s not every day that you run into a sativa strain such as Dreamlover that brings everything that you love about a sativa with just the right amount of indica goodness.

When you first take a puff of Dreamlover, this extremely popular sativa strain will rush straight to the front of your head and leave you with that classic tightness and mind focusing high. So, settle down for an awesome evening of deep relaxation and refreshing energy. One of the best things about Dreamlover is that it gives you enough of a body high to relax you while leaving you with some creative energy that’s perfect for hanging out with friends and having a healthy evening of laughs.

The aroma of Dreamlover is immediately noticeable once you break open these beautiful green and orange buds. You’ll get strong hints of flowers, herbs, and sweetness that are refreshing and will get your tastebuds watering in anticipation of what’s about to come next. The flavor of Dreamlover is citrusy and sweet, with subtle notes of berries and spice. It’s the ultimate combination of delicious flavors that cannabis connoisseurs love!

When it comes to smooth effects, delicious flavor, and aroma, Dreamlover has it all, and it has it in bucket loads! So, if you’re looking for your next relaxing all-day smoke, why not give Dreamlover a try? You might just be surprised at how great this cannabis strain truly is.

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