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977 first class (i) cafe bud shots
977 first class (i) cafe bud shots

First Class Strain


THC range
CBD range
Body high, hungry, happy, relaxed, sleepy
Peppery, fruity, spicy, herbal
Diesel, grape, fruity, sweet
May Relieve
Insomnia, stress, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain


First Class is one strain that doesn’t mess around! This highly potent indica strain boasts a truly impressive THC content that is going to blow you away. Great for experienced smokers, beginners can still enjoy First Class if they take it low and slow until they work out what their tolerances are.

The high from First Class can be quite intense, so don’t rush in. The high will begin slowly, creeping up on you until finally it hits with its full effects and leaves you wondering what just happened? Clear your schedule ahead of time because there is a good chance that you’re going to be down and out after a few hits of First Class.

As impressive as its high, the flavor of First Class can be strong and overwhelming for many smokers. Unfortunately, this is no faint daisy. The flavor is dank and earthy, with strong notes of diesel and more subtle hints of pepper and spice on the exhale.

That strong and dank flavor continues into the aroma with a heavy scent of diesel, skunk, and wet, dank earth. Once you smell First Class, you’re immediately going to recognize and know it for what it is, a powerful and potent strain that’s worth investing in if you see it available.

If you’re looking for an indica strain to finish out a tiring, exhausting, or stressful day, then First Class is well worth a look and comes highly recommended by all that try it!

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