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Gelatti Strain


THC range
CBD range
Happy, energized, focused
Sweet, sour, fruity, menthol
Berry, earthy, diesel
May Relieve
Fatigue, stress, depression, nausea, ADHD


If you have been searching for an evenly balanced hybrid strain, then look no further than the potent and delicious Gelatti! This unique cannabis strain boasts some fantastic genetics and delivers both an intense high that’s combined with a sweet and fruity flavor that any cannabis connoisseur is going to love – and we’re sure you’ll love it!

Gelatti boasts a THC content that’s between 20-24%, so it’s not lightweight, and if you’re new to cannabis, you should take it slowly until you understand what your tolerances are. The initial high from Gelatti will rush straight to your head, where you will immediately experience an uplifting and euphoric surge of joy and happiness. You’ll be happy, energized, and focused after smoking or vaping Gelatti.

The initial euphoric and energizing high will settle in and give you a little of an indica body high that’s not overwhelming and still leaves you with enough focus and energy to accomplish your goals for the day. It’s an evenly balanced high that combines the best of an indica and sativa in one delicious hybrid strain.

When it comes to flavor and aroma, Gelatti is packed full of both and won’t disappoint anyone that enjoys a sweet and fruity flavor. You’ll get sweet notes of fruity sourness on the inhale, with a biscuity and sweet minty flavor on the exhale that lingers deliciously well after you finish smoking or vaping it.

If you have been searching for a well-balanced hybrid strain that doesn’t lean too strongly towards an indica or sativa and delivers even effects, then Gelatti could be perfect for you! It combines the best of an indica and sativa strain’s effects and delivers a balanced high that’s going to blow you away.

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