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Guava Strain


THC range
20 - 25 %
CBD range
Happy, euphoric, hungry, uplifting
Chemical, tropical, sour, diesel, citrus
Diesel, citrus, sour, tropical, earthy
May Relieve
Mood swings, nausea, stress, fatigue, depression


Guava is a sativa dominant cannabis strain that packs a punch you won’t quickly forget. It was created by crossing three powerful strains, Afghani #1, Tres Dawg, and Stardawg. People that have enjoyed Guava claim that the only true way to understand it is to try it for yourself! 

Be warned, Guava packs a real punch, so take it slowly until you fully understand what your tolerances for this cannabis strain are. The initial high from Guava is going to rush straight to your head before quickly washing over the rest of your body. Many people enjoy Guava for its uplifting and energetic high that fills you with creative energy. 

The sweet, tropical aroma and flavor of Guava will leave your mouth watering if you love sweet and fruity cannabis strains. You’ll experience notes of citrus, berries, and tropical flavor on both the inhale and exhale of Guava, and the aroma is to die for!

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