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Han Solo Burger Strain


THC range
26-31% +
CBD range
Calming, uplifting, body high, relaxing
Spicy, pine, herbal, woody
Pine, pungent, earthy, dank, herbal
May Relieve
Anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD


If you have been looking for a potent hybrid cannabis strain that boasts some of the highest THC on the market, then look no further than Han Solo Burger! This premium cannabis strain comes in at a massive 26-31% THC average that’s absolutely going to blow your mind. Be warned, though, this strain isn’t for the faint of heart, and you should always take it slow until you fully understand your tolerances.

Made by crossing GMO Cookies and Larry Bird OG, Han Solo Burger is one of the most sought-after cannabis strains on the market. So, if you get the opportunity to get your hands on some, don’t hesitate for a second to snap it up!

The high from Han Solo Burger high will settle immediately in your head from the first hit you take before slowly spreading throughout the rest of your body. The extremely high levels of THC in Han Solo Burger make it ideal for anyone that’s looking for help with anxiety, stress, depression, or PTSD.

The flavour and aroma of Han Solo Burger are quite impressive too! It truly is a well-rounded cannabis strain. You’ll immediately notice the delicious smell of pungent herbs and spices, along with some subtle hints of sweetness that lingers deliciously in your mouth.

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