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1223 la tuna (i) cafe bud shots
1223 la tuna (i) cafe bud shots

LA Tuna Strain


THC range
CBD range
Sleepy, relaxing, euphoric, body high
Diesel, spicy, earthy, dank
Spicy, dank, earthy
May Relieve
Stress, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia


If you have been searching for that classic indica cannabis strain, then look no further than LA Tuna! This delicious indica comes in with an average THC content between 16-18% and will certainly deliver that indica high you’re accustomed to. 

For some people, the dank aroma of LA Tuna can be a little bit too much, but if you love that classic cannabis flavor and aroma, you’re certainly going to appreciate LA Tuna and what it has to offer you. 

The high from LA Tuna starts with a heady rush that will give you a slight lift in your energy levels while elevating your mood, leaving you feeling completely calm and relaxed. It’s a great cannabis strain for that typical dreamy thought process that allows you to roam through your deepest thoughts and contemplate what life has to offer! However, after the initial head high, your limbs will start to tingle and feel heavy before the typical ‘couch-lock’ from a great indica leaves your body 100% relaxed.

The flavor and aroma of LA Tuna are that classic cannabis smell and taste that you know all too well. It has that dank earthiness typical of many cannabis strains, with just the right amount of spiciness, which you’ll experience on both the inhale and exhale. If you love indica strains and the body high that goes along with them, then LA Tuna is well-worth trying and adding to your regular rotation. 

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